Investing in the Unknown, Part III – Communing With the Divine

Investing in the Unknown, Part III – Communing With the Divine

Dr Joe Dispenza | 02 December 2022

For the past few weeks, we’ve been examining the idea of investing in the unknown. In Part I, I discussed the evolution of my own experience with the work.

In Part II, I addressed the question so many community members ask me about the delicate balance between intention and surrender – and the tension between the two.

Once we’ve committed to investing in the unknown as an evolution of our practice … and begun to explore the razor’s edge between intention and surrender … we enter the next stage of discovery and experimentation – a stage I call “communing with the divine.”

For many, this idea is an abstraction. There are so many religious connotations – but that’s not the intention or meaning in the context of this work.

Liberation From Self

From a quantum physics standpoint, we’re 99.999 percent information. We’re 99.999 percent nothing – but most of us are unaware of that. So, in our meditations, when we become no body; no one; no thing; no where; in no time … and focus on “nothing” … we’re taking our attention off that very small percentage of the physical world – as well as our physical self.

When we’re in that void – in that vacuum; in that blackness; in emptiness; in the quantum field – there's no separation between self and non-self. We are liberated from self. It has dissolved … and we are connected to the energy of that void. We’re not merely in “nothing;” we are nothing.

But that nothing is loaded with energy and information – in fact, there’s more something in that nothing than there is in what we call “reality.” Take a square centimeter of the fastest frequency in the quantum – and it comprises more energy than all the matter in the known universe. That’s how much energy is in that small space.

In order for creation to occur, there must be a vibratory motion introduced into that field. And when we’re connected to it – when we’re part of it – our mere thought produces a frequency.

Vibrating Every Thing … Every Where … in Every Time

Here’s where we have to challenge the limits of our sensory perception. We tend to perceive the frequency of thought as an undulation that moves out in waves – like growing circles that ripple out from a stone we throw into water. That’s a facile image – but it’s limited to the world of three dimensions.

In the 5-D world of the quantum field, though, a thought is a vibration of pure frequency. We’re not the stone; we’re not the ripple. We’re one with everything – and everything is vibrating all at once … throughout all of space and time. And every thought – every signal – we send into the field is an experiment with destiny.

So many of us struggle to grasp this idea – because we’ve been trained to believe we’re just not that big; we’re not that expansive. We think we’re tiny fish, but we’re more like the infinite sea …  vibrating and affecting everything in it.

Truly, if we are not our physical body, we are simultaneously everything and nothing.

The distinction we’re making here is between separation and connection. Between creating from lack; from wanting or not having – as we do in the 3-D world – and creating from source, as we do in the 5-D realm. So even the idea of “attracting something to you” doesn’t quite encapsulate it. In the field, there’s no “something” and there’s no “you.” You are the source.

You’re the vibration. You’re the movement. You’re affecting every thing – every atom; every molecule – composed of pure energy – all at once.

Connecting and Communing With Eternity

So, when I talk about communing with the divine, I mean the power inherent within us – because that divine aspect within is what leads us right to source. Since the very center of the atom is made of energy (from singularity or source), and since our bodies are made of approximately 10 billion billion billion atoms, that divine power of creation must be within us.

And it’s important not to let the limitations of language prevent us from connecting to this limitless aspect of ourselves. I call it the divine. You might call it “God within.” Or maybe “Greater mind.” Or “Higher self.”

More important than naming it is cultivating our connection to it – and our awareness that it’s all around us, all the time. If we turn down the volume on the sensory world – no light; no smell; no sound; no taste; no touch; no physical drives – and tune into nothing, we can connect with the vastness of space that surrounds us … and to our own divine, eternal selves.


Overcoming Ourselves – Again and Again

Bringing this back to the practice of investing in the unknown, it’s this ability to connect with our divine self – to become familiar with it; to befriend it; to commune with it – that brings us to that place of unlimited creation. Each time we become no body; no one; no thing; no where; in no time … each time we tune into nothing … each time we make contact … we’re making an investment in the unknown.

To do this, we have to overcome our bodies, our environment, and time. We have to get beyond our pain, our problems, our emotions, and our habits. We have to overcome the people in our lives; our schedules; our cell phones. We have to overcome the past – and our attachment to a predictable future.

We have to really find the present moment – where we think about nothing else but the unknown – and focus our attention and energy on it. And the best way to do that is to keep paying attention to it. Keep showing up with it; connecting to it; interacting with it; experiencing it. Keep bringing it to life – through our awareness of it.

Keep being the scientists … and keep exploring the grand experiment of our lives.

We started this conversation with me sharing some of my experience with this practice – and how my approach has evolved. So, for now, I’ll leave you with a thought I challenge myself with all the time.

When I contemplate being in the void, and communing with the divine, I remind myself: it is conscious of every body; every one; every thing; every where; every time. And that includes me.

We all come up against ourselves in this work. We’re all tempted to tell ourselves stories about our limitations; to see ourselves through the narrow lens of the sensory world. It’s important to remember, in those moments … there is divinity in every one of us. No one is excluded. We really are that big. We really are that unlimited.