Up Close and Personal, An Inverview with Dr Joe: Part II

Up Close and Personal, An Inverview with Dr Joe:

Part II

Tim Shields | 02 August 2018

When you began this work, did you ever imagine you’d be seeing the results that you’re seeing? Has this always been your vision or has it exceeded your vision?

I always believed that all of these supernatural and amazing miracles we’ve currently been witnessing were possible. But now that we’ve seen people heal themselves of chronic health conditions, create objects out of nothing, and have super cool synchronicities, opportunities, new jobs, new romances, as well as new adventures appear out of nowhere, I want it to become the new normal. I want this new way of creating life to become a truth for a collective consciousness who is really stepping outside of the current conventional beliefs.

I saw this potential future a while ago, latched on to it, and consistently believed in it. Of course, I’ve changed a lot in the process, but the vision has always been the same, and that vision is that I believe in human potential and I believe in possibility. I think if you get a group of people together as a community—bound in the spirit and energy of love—anything is possible, and I’m just going to keep unfolding that idea. And I want to keep dreaming more about what I see as truly possible.

You’ve said this last year has profoundly changed you. How has it changed you and who are you becoming?

Quite simply, I’m waking up in my dream and I’m waking up more in my life. I’m waking up because number one, it inspires me to do the work with more passion. It inspires me to continue to raise the bar and push people a little further. It surprises me because things I never thought would change—never thought would heal—are now happening. As people evolve their understanding of these principles, they’re beginning to affect the very nature of reality and matter. I think my ability to explain it—my ability to create the environment where people feel loved, taken care of, and supported—is getting better. And people who have been committed to this work have been seeing the fruits of their efforts.

My passion is asking the next big question and then witnessing the answers manifest in real time, so it’s really mind blowing. What is keeping me up at night now is no longer the challenges in my life. What’s keeping me up at night is, Wow! If this is possible and that is possible, what else is possible? As a collective, we’re starting to take this work to another level, so it’s changed me because I’m more inspired to continue pushing the work in new directions. I’m more inspired to take people to a greater place. I also now know people are understanding it more deeply and as a result it’s making a difference in people’s lives. It’s a good place to be as a soul on the journey.

What’s the next possibility that’s keeping you up at night?

I have so many ideas about visiting a future that’s happening in the present moment, as well as placing indicators and specific material things in that future so that we know when we get to that future, we know we created it. There’s just a whole host of things I want to keep happening and at deeper levels—stepping so outside of this dimension in the present moment that you can experience another aspect of yourself that is taking place in the present moment, seeing more than we currently see, training the brain how to open up to a greater level of information and downloading that information so that you know your future.

Now that people can sit for extended periods of time, I’d love to take a community of people, have them connect to the field, open their heart, activate the very center that creates the mystical, and let them begin to really, really understand themselves in a much greater, much more expansive, much more mystical, and much more profound way. I don’t want to spoil it, but there’s more to come. It’s an evolution, though, and that’s the key.

If you could give only one piece of advice to the people doing this work, what would that be?

Don’t stop doing the work. It’s just a formula. Also, understand that if you keep learning and you keep reviewing the science behind what you’re doing and why, the how will get easier. It’s not like the principles don’t work—it’s just that we’re often the ones in the way of progressing. I’m starting to realize, though, that it’s not who we are that holds us back; it’s who we think or believe we are not that is stopping our desired future from happening. When we give that up, we find that we have always been who we have always wanted to become—and when that happens we always say the same thing: Once I understood how to get beyond myself, it was so easy.

So I want people to stay with it every day and practice until they understand that it’s their own journey of becoming. It’s not about their wealth, health, freedom, a new job, or a new relationship. It’s really about the initiation of knowledge into experience so that we can finally become the very person we are after. Once you become the dream, you don’t care about what’s happening in your outer environment, you don’t care about what people think, you don’t care about what’s going on in the news. You just let go, and I think that’s a good way to live our lives—to know that the future we are creating is coming. So keep learning, keep doing the work, keep challenging yourself, and keep reminding yourself of who you want to become.

What’s your greatest discovery to date in doing this work? What are you most surprised about?

I know now that the closer you get—you as a consciousness to the consciousness of the unified field—the more you connect to greater and greater degrees of oneness and wholeness. That means there’s less separation between two points of consciousness—you, a free-willed individual, and the objective consciousness of the unified field. The less separation between those two points of consciousness, the less time it takes to appear in your life—whatever that it might be for you. As a result of this principle, we’re seeing instantaneous, miraculous things going on. I now know that when you change something in the field, when you get good at this, you not only change matter, but you change the field itself. Now, the next time people connect to that possibility, it will be more responsive to others. And we keeping seeing this over and over again. And when people witness these supernatural occurrences in our audiences, you just can’t go back again to being the same person with the same beliefs.

How do downloads occur to you? Can you talk about some of the recent downloads you’ve had?

It’s really simple. My downloads come when my body is tired or fatigued and when I’m super happy and playful. When I’m not trying to do anything or think about anything, my brain is kind of pausing from thinking or analyzing and I move into in alpha, sometimes even into theta brain waves. It’s when the door between the conscious and the subconscious mind is open. And if I’m in the wrong time zone and I’m really sleepy and goofy, and feeling really good about myself and my life, that’s when I just take a thought—any thought—and look at it another way. I ask myself the questions, “Am I really seeing this from the greatest view? Is there more for me to learn?” I don’t do anything but stay with the thought and without trying to make anything happen, I let go, and then I just start to get new information.

I taught a lot of new things in Cancun because I was getting downloads on what I should teach and how I should teach it weeks before the event. In Cancun, I wasn’t preparing any notes, I wasn’t writing a script. I just had some experiences and understood on a profound level what they meant, and in connecting to those downloads, I just wanted the opportunity to have people experience it themselves. I thought quite a bit about how to explain it and as a result, it actually worked.

So I get downloads in all kinds of moments. I get a lot of downloads right during the event, which is really important for me. When it happens, I just trust it, go with it, and I never try to analyze it. In Cancun, I think I did a pretty decent job in taking those complex understandings and being able to simplify them. And of course—with those crazy, mystical experiences I had before Berlin and before Cancun—it was the perfect priming for me to know that if we progressed far enough in Cancun, I could get to these new teachings by the end of the week, and that’s just what we did.

Do you mean a specific mystical experience or you just had a download?

At a certain point during and after Michael Beckwith’s Revelation event in April 2018, I started to have very strong interactions with these fractal patterns. I started seeing all those wild patterns and everything started opening up to me. Here is an example of what I mean.

During this particular mystical experience, I was giving a teaching on the stage in Berlin and simultaneously experiencing the future, all while I was looking at fractal patterns occurring in the room. At the same time, I was observing that reality from my bed—laying there semi-conscious—laying there half awake and half asleep—and actually creating what I was teaching from my bed. So I was experiencing my future while creating it in the present moment. I was conscious and I was observing myself.

In viewing the fractal patterns that I was seeing in Berlin while I was teaching—I realized at the end of it deep within, something was observing me. I realized that when I looked at one fractal pattern (because I saw this in Sardinia as well) that something on the other end was observing me. That something was me! So there was this past, present, and future happening simultaneously—and I’m observing it all in the present moment. That’s a window to other dimensions and I wanted to keep that window open. And so it happened a few more times.

Those fractal patterns—do they communicate information in language or do you just merge with them, and as a result your brain transduces it into information? In other words, how do the fractal patterns communicate actionable information?

It’s not a communication, it’s an experience. I surrender when I see them and I allow my body to get really sleepy and keep my mind awake. I just stay awake and wait for the fireworks to begin. They produce lucid visions that seem more real than the world we live in. And since experience enriches the brain and produces emotions, my brain experiences the inner event as if it’s more real than the reality we live in, and my body feels a powerful emotion (but it’s really not an emotion, it’s more like an energy) which I feel as electricity in my entire body. Recently I have been just tuning into that energy in and around my body before I go to bed and then I just stay open.

At the end of your life, what would you like your legacy to be? What will you be most proud of?

That I contributed to the evolution of humankind to such a degree that we rely less on things outside of us to make us happy or heal us. That I helped people connect on a deeper and more profound level to themselves and the power within them, and that people begin to apply these principles to such a degree that when they change how they think, feel, and act, it produces immediate effects in their lives. I want people to become skilled at doing this to such a degree that they can heal others and change the world we live in. I want this to become the new normal.

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