Unlocked and Ready to Go

Unlocked and Ready to Go

Dr Joe Dispenza | 17 July 2020

In April, we created an online workshop called InnerMission, followed by GOLOVE-20, followed by U-Inspire-Me. The intent of creating all these free online programs was to not let any of the circumstances in our current environment create additional division. The goal was to unify our community in this unprecedented time of fear and separation. More than 17,000 people from our Week Long and 5-day advanced workshops attended InnerMission, and more than 600,000 people participated in the GOLOVE-20 and U-Inspire-Me programs.

Standing on the shoulders of InnerMission, at the end of June we created Unlocked—a course designed to keep our community connected to the work while helping them refine their skills in a way that felt like one-on-one coaching. I thought if I could deliver the content properly, I could help the community unite in the only place we currently can—consciousness, in mind and heart—and so I set about teaching things in new, different, and simplified ways.

The ancillary goal was to help the people who are trying too hard; to answer many of the common questions we receive; to inspire our community in new ways; and to help them remember, as well as better understand, the what and why they do certain things in their meditations so the how gets easier. In a sense, I wanted to create a ‘shake up’ because when we get into complacent routines with our meditation practice, we begin to feel stale, and when we feel stale, we go unconscious—and when we go unconscious, the work has no meaning. I really wanted to push our community, so I warned them not to come if they were unwilling to do the work or unwilling to be pressed beyond their comfort zones. I only wanted people to attend who really wanted to be stretched into the experience of a personal breakthrough.

The original plan was to deliver the course on two sequential Saturday’s over two weekends, but as we got deeper into the work, we decided to add two more sessions. After sharing different parts of my own personal journey, I asked our students to listen to the lectures with their blindfolds on. I didn’t want them looking at their cellphones, text messages, surfing the internet, or checking their emails. I didn’t want them eating, playing video games, or being distracted in any other way because I didn’t want anything to undermine their focus, and thus, their understanding. The blindfolds served to help them concentrate and to show them how much content they already have stored in their brain; therefore, all they needed to do was remember it to reactivate it.

Because their blindfolds blocked out the external world, as I began speaking, like a little workshop, the students’ brains began creating images and pictures in their minds. In making the brain work differently, we began activating circuits and reproducing a level of mind that already exists. When done properly, the firing and wiring installed the proper circuitry so that when it came time to actually do the meditations, they were more prepared, they could assign meaning to what they were doing, and thus gain more value from it.

Whether we were advancing the understanding of the quantum model of reality, reviewing how to create from the field instead of matter, or deconstructing and reconstructing the breath so as to move energy from the body into the brain, we wanted to help our students understand what they were doing in the most methodical way possible. In reviewing all of these different elements and aspects of the formula—including opening our hearts, the role of electromagnetism, altering our brainwave states, and how this can influence epigenetics, our personality, and ultimately our personal reality—we then jumped right into our meditations while the information was fresh.

In combining knowledge, information, and theory, we prepared our students for the  experience. By understanding what they were doing from a greater level of mind, many were able to reignite their passion so they felt more empowered, more inspired, and better able to understand what’s possible. I really wanted to make this online event so full of information and intense practice that when it came time for them to do their daily meditations without me, they were re-empowered into a greater level of transformation.

The feedback we received was outstanding, so stay tuned for more events like this—not only for our advanced students, but for our entire community. It’s my hope that becoming “Unlocked” might just become a new habit.