The Anatomy of a Miracle

The Anatomy of a Miracle

Dr Joe Dispenza | 08 June 2018

From the beginning of 2012 through end of 2017, at our four-day Advanced Workshops around the world, we’ve witnessed amazing changes and transformations take place in our students, many of which have been validated by several different scientific measurements. This caused me to wonder; what would happen if we gave our students seven days? And so, at the start of 2018, we changed our format to week-long events. In term of miraculous healings and personal changes, what I can tell you is that in the last six months I have witnessed events that I never thought I would see in my life time. Our most recent Advanced Workshop in Berlin, Germany was no exception. What I have observed has mystified me, and as a result of witnessing these healings and transformations, they have changed me on a very deep, very personal level.

Two weeks ago, in the German capital, for one week just over 1200 people worked tirelessly to get beyond themselves, beyond their limitations, and to become aware of their unconscious programs—programs that have kept them anchored to their past. Once we get beyond ourselves, I now know that we can begin to do the uncommon, like heal ourselves and others. Some of the more impressive healings our community witnessed during this week included a person getting their hearing restored (which is becoming more common), another individual reversed a skin condition they had their whole life, and two individuals who had thyroid issues—one with a thyroid tumor and another with a thyroid nodule slightly bigger than an inch—had the tumors shrink and disappear. Another man, a doctor of law who had suffered a stroke several years prior, came to the workshop with paralysis on the left side of his body. During the first healing session this man went into “the cage” (a group of people surrounding the subject on all sides), and by the time the meditation was over he could lift his once paralyzed arm up. The next day, after another healing session, his paralyzed leg began to function again and he was able to walk without his cane. If you know anything about strokes, this is highly unusual. Generally, the medical prognosis is that if a person does not regain their motor function in the first two-to-three weeks after a stroke, more than likely they will remain paralyzed for the rest of their life.

When you start witnessing these kinds of changes right before your eyes, you would consider this a miracle. In other words, if your definition of a miracle is something that happens outside of normal conventions, then for the most part you’re observing a miracle. Whether these changes are occurring outside of social, religious, or scientific convention, we could agree they are occurring outside of our current belief systems. I want to pose an idea, however; perhaps these miracles aren’t really miracles at all. Maybe they are just an advancement of what we’re learning and applying about the nature of reality and our relationship to it. So maybe our definition of a miracle is also advancing, and perhaps this will continue to evolve over time.

For the people who were engaged in creating the “miraculous”, they all shared one thing in common: they all took a chance by stepping outside of convention. They learned the knowledge and applied it as a resource. As a result, they understood what they were doing and why. I believe that when you understand the what and the why, the how gets easier.

When you execute what is referred to as the miraculous, what you demonstrate to others is that if you can do it, so can everyone else. It is not without effort, however—it requires the daily practice of getting beyond yourself (disconnecting from your body, your known associations to your environment, and linear time), activating the heart center, creating heart and brain coherence, and staying present and connected to the quantum field. What this will ultimately lead to is that people will become less reliant on exogenous substances and instead they will invest more in the power within them.

At the beginning of each event, our students are mystified by the healings and transformations that occur in such a short amount of time, yet by the end of the event, it’s as if these “miraculous” events become the new normal. I watched it happen at all four week-long events in Berlin, Sardinia, Santa Fe, and Tarragona. What I told our students and what I am telling you now is, to heal yourself and to show others what is possible—this is a good mark to leave on humanity.

Maybe we are just outgrowing convention. That’s a miracle by itself. Welcome to the new normal.