Up Close and Personal, An Interview with Dr Joe: Part I

Up Close and Personal, An Interview with Dr Joe:

Part I

Tim Shields | 19 July 2018

You said the workshop in Cancun was the most successful workshop to date and the model for all others to come. What made it so extraordinary?

I think the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat was a nodal point in my own personal journey and career. This was our 5th Week Long Advanced Retreat this year and all along we’ve been laying down footprints. As a community, we’ve been making breakthroughs in consciousness, and like the four minute mile that paved the path for other people to follow, like a current in a river moving down stream, more and more people are tapping into this new level of consciousness and experiencing it’s magic. As a result, significant healings, profound mystical experiences, intense personal breakthroughs, and instantaneous changes in people’s physical and mental health are occurring right before our eyes.

In our Cancun workshop, 75% of the people were returning advanced students, and because of the consciousness of the group there was a hunger for more—a hunger for the next level. The 25% who were first time students, whether they attended a Progressive workshop or did it online, they were inspired as well, and so I had the opportunity to advance the teachings. As a group, we moved quickly ahead of schedule. This allowed me to teach some new information and meditations that I’ve been wanting to teach for a long time.

Throughout the week, we gave our community numerous opportunities to connect to the field, we had them constantly practicing getting beyond themselves and we allowed them to put their attention on greater and greater degrees of oneness and wholeness. As a result they started to experience more and more of what it is to connect to the frequency of the quantum field, the signature of which is oneness. At the beginning of every meditation we tuned into the energy of the mystical, into the energy of miracles, into the energy that heals, into the energy of possibilities, into the energy of that very life force—that aliveness of life that is within and all around us—and as they put their attention on it, as a group they became more coherent. They were rarifying the frequency in the room for an experience and adding to the energy. Like everybody tuning into the same radio station, not only were they creating more orderly energy, but if you keep putting your attention on something it causes it to expand, so the very energy for all those possibilities over the course of the week was expanding, making more energy available, because that’s where everybody’s attention was.

When I asked our students to get beyond themselves, they understood what it meant. Every day they were practicing becoming no body, no one, in no thing, in no where, and in no time. They got better and better at overcoming their bodies, their environment and time. When I asked them to create brain and heart coherence, they understood why they were doing it. The heart is the center where we give, it’s the center of oneness and wholeness. That’s the beginning of our divinity and the place from where we create. It’s our connection to the field.

When people put all that together on Sunday morning for the pineal gland meditation, that was the moment for me. Our students understood that it didn’t require trying, hoping, wishing, forcing, or controlling. Instead, they understood what it meant to surrender. No one was thinking, how long is this meditation going to last?Or, my back hurtsor, am I doing this right? They left that behind earlier in the week.

We created physical challenges and activities so they knew that surrendering was just letting go and trusting. They had an experience of surrendering and trusting that challenged them to get beyond their fears and programs—beyond the voices and thoughts in their head, as well as their body conditioned to be the mind—and gradually more and more people kept breaking through. As a group they started to naturally surrender to love instead of unconsciously surrendering to fear.

Then, when it came time for the coherence healing later that morning, our students had the skill set in place. They had spent the week developing these skills, and like an athlete who has trained so much they no longer had to think about what they were doing, they simply applied all their training and hard work. There was no separation between the thought of healing another and the act of administering the frequency of energy that heals. In fact, there was no thought—they were just hooked in, and they connected so easily because they had a greater understanding of what they were doing and why they were doing it. I was on the stage watching it all line up for so many people and it was really a beautiful moment for me.

During that final coherence healing meditation—this is where we have a person lying down to be healed and eight people surrounding them that are healers—when the healers were standing up and waiting for everyone to come into the room and I said, tune in to the energy of the miraculous, I watched the lights go on with everyone. They knew how to tune into that frequency because they had already felt it all week long. When I said tune into the energy of possibility, become the mind of the healer, and so forth, they knew how to embody that energy and feel it. And when it came time then to open their hearts and give, they had been practicing opening their hearts all week long—and they understood why this was so important. They understood why they had to get beyond themselves, connect to the field, and stay present because they were practicing it all week long.

After the coherence meditation, we heard stories where people spoke of their own personal healings from depression, cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and other physical conditions like chronic, long-standing tremors—conditions where medical science had no solution. These people are living examples of the truth.

That was the nodal point where it all came together. Everyone understood what the week was about and it was a blessed, blessed moment for me because I saw a community of people knowing what they were doing on a deeper, more profound level. And then the feedback I got just from walking to my room or the restaurant or the ballroom—people stopped me and said, I had the most profound week of my life,I understand the breath, I really understand the blessing of the energy centers, I understand why we are doing all this stuff.

So many of us had some really powerful experiences that week. I want to keep going and to continue the magic, so the Cancun event last month was a powerful alignment of all my efforts. I saw that there was a deeper understanding of this work and a deeper understanding of how people were integrating this information right into their brain and body. I think it’s just the beginning.

You also said in Cancun you woke up in your dream. What does it mean to wake up in your dream and what does that look and feel like?

 The name of the upcoming September event in Toronto is ‘Waking Up in Your Future.’ I want to teach this because I have been persistent and determined to keep these teachings and my work as pure and simple as possible, all the while using the scientific model to measure and validate personal transformation, subjective inward experiences, and to demystify the process. I have worked diligently in seeing a future that maybe my staff couldn’t see or maybe the people who attended our workshops couldn’t see—or even the world at large.

But I saw this future where people would be healed instantaneously and that they would know how to do it. I envisioned a future where people would heal one another, and that it would happen right before our eyes—and not just frozen shoulder, neck pain, indigestion, or food allergies. We’ve seen enough of those. I saw this future where people would come to an event and be able to sit for extended periods of time, easily get beyond their analytical mind, and experience greater aspects of their interdimensional selves. I saw a future where the mystery of the self is being revealed through deeply moving, deeply mystical inward life-changing experiences. I saw a future where new jobs, relationships, and opportunities were being created during our week-long events, and the feedback in three-dimensional reality was occurring by the time they returned home to their lives.

And now this is happening. We are having people who couldn’t see get their vision back, people who were deaf getting their hearing back—and these people aren’t even going into the healing circle for that to occur. They are going in, as an example, because they have knee pain, but the side effect is that they can hear when they get out. Some people’s bodies were being moved around involuntarily by energy. For some of these people, they weren’t even as excited about the healing as they were about the depth of love they felt. We even had people’s tumors shrinking and disappearing during an event. When this happens, you can’t go back to living your life the same way. You can’t go back to business as usual when you witness a miracle. I mean, it’s evidence right in front of you.

There were people during a walking meditation dropping their crutches, there were people standing up out of their wheelchair. I mean—this was the dream I had that I thought was always somewhere out in my future, and now I’m beginning to realize it’s actually happening right now. It’s no longer the future. It’s the present. And so me, Joe Dispenza—the person on the journey that has been so passionate about translating some of these principles into a practical application—as I see the fruits of my efforts it’s no longer in my future. It’s present. It’s happening now and I’m waking up and becoming aware I’m actually living in that future!

So when did you first have this dream, and if it’s happening now, what’s your next dream?

Well, I’m not a philosopher. I’m not someone who just hangs out in theories and argues analytical content and intellectual information. I think that’s good for developing models and scrutinizing concepts into a greater understanding. I definitely do that with certain individuals, colleagues, and peers of mine. But because I’m a practical person, my real passion is figuring out how I’m going to apply these learnings and teachings. So I started to break away from lectures, conferences, and keynotes. They’re very predictable and what I found was that people who show up for the information don’t change. What I discovered was the application from doing these kinds of events was minimal.

And so I set up my events so that you’re going to experience the truth of that philosophy. You’re going to experience that information by embodying it physically and emotionally. Just like developing any skill, there’s a formula, and it takes some time for that formula to produce a habit or become a skill. Our research shows many amazing trends that are sustainable, so when people leave our events and continue to do the work, they feel connected to their future. They now know certain things about their life and they are viewing it from a greater level of mind, from a greater consciousness. That dream has been my dream since right after What the Bleep came out, because people kept asking me, how do we do it? I wanted to answer that question for myself and so it became my journey, and it still is.

So where do we go from here?

Only equal to our ability to experience what that looks like. If we are healing people in real time, I’d love to see at least 50% of those people who were laying down—who were receiving the healing—get up and experience a physical change in their health. When we get to that level of skill and ability, when it’s that reproducible, I’d love to see our community of students work with children’s hospitals and bring children with cancer into our workshops and heal them. In their innocence these children can’t understand why they are sick and neither can their parents. But children have a very thin veil between their conscious mind and subconscious mind. So I’d love for our students to heal those sweet children from cancer. But we have to be consistent and we have to be prepared. That’s no longer studying history, it’s making history.

I think it’s highly possible that we get so skilled at this that we begin to produce measurable changes to help people in all kinds of ways, and it doesn’t even require touching them. I think it’s possible we become so skilled at creating order and coherence that we can reverse physical, mental, and emotional health conditions. I also think that by connecting to the field, when we change the field we change matter. It’s a skill and I think that we will see more people having mystical experiences. We’ll see more people healing during walking mediations. We’ll see more people connecting to a future and creating a new future and that these changes will become more miraculous and instantaneous in people’s lives.

So my vision is still the same, I just want to get really good at it—so good that we can begin to ask bigger questions or create even greater experiences.

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