The Unknown Will Never Let You Down: Part II

The Unknown Will Never Let You Down:

Part II

Dr Joe Dispenza | 08 December 2017

When it comes to stepping into the unknown, intellectualizing a process or problem won’t cut it. In fact, I often find it’s the people who perform this kind of incessant analysis who feel the most fear and insecurity when confronted with the unknown. The reason is because they’re constantly analyzing themselves, their actions, and their place in the world within the emotions of fear, lack, insecurity, or unworthiness. If they instead understood that all these feelings are an emotional record of the past, they would understand that the very act of overanalyzing and overthinking means they’re looking for a solution within the emotional domain of the past. It means they’re thinking in the past rather than the possibilities of the future. If you’re trying to create a new future, thinking within the emotions of the past is not going to help—and it’s certainly not the place you want to be focusing your energy. Take this, for example.

Let’s say you had an amazing, expansive morning meditation. It was so real that it seemed like you could see, smell, taste, hear, and touch your future creation. If how you think and how you feel broadcasts an electromagnetic signature, when all your mind and heart is engaged in that vision of the future, you are connected to the energy of that future. Why? Because you’re in a vibrational match with that electromagnetic potential that already exists as a possibility in the quantum field.

But if when you came back to your senses you went right back into the fear or insecurity, the moment you recoil in fear of the unknown, you’re no longer connected to the energy of your future, or even seeing your future, because you’re looking at it through the lens of the past. Instead, you’re actually fulfilling your own prophecy because, by broadcasting the same energy, you are creating your past all over again. And that’s just where your energy is—in the familiar reality of your past. It’s only when you get beyond the emotion of fear and move into the unknown—despite the fear—that you turn your fear into passion and courage. Now all the sudden you can begin to see your future again…and you stop recreating your past.

Overcoming Fear to Create the Future

The body is going to react to the fear. It’s going to recoil, shake, twist your heart, and upset your stomach in anxiety, but that’s just because it’s confronting the unknown. That’s our limited animal state driven by the hormones of stress. The people who stop and change fear into an elevated emotion, despite anxiety and the body’s resistance, will tell you they too were afraid about stepping into the unknown, but their passion for their vision was greater than their fear. They will also tell you the effort was worth the reward of what they found on the other side—liberation, freedom, wholeness, and more self-love.

It makes sense that the emotions of your future dreams should be the emotions you’re living by when you are conscious in your everyday life, because the moment you disconnect from these emotions you’re back to feeling lack and separation from your future. But if you’re staying in that elevated emotional state of the future throughout your day, and your passion for your vision is greater than your fear of the unknown or fear of failure, then your body feels like that future event has already happened. This is how we transcend the emotion of fear, one day at a time. That’s why we’re training and doing all these meditations in the first place—to condition our brain and bodies out of the past and into the future until we think and feel in a more elevated way all the time. That’s a new state of being with a new energy—a new personality which is intimately connected to a new personal reality.

When we feel like what we’re creating has already happened (because we are living by those elevated emotions throughout our day), we’re less likely to wonder if we’re doing something wrong, and less likely to analyze, intellectualize, or overthink why our future hasn’t yet happened. In fact, if we feel like our future has already happened, we will be less likely to try to force, predict, fight for, or control outcomes in our life. Why would you do that if you conditioned your body into feeling like that new future has already happened?

If you truly and repeatedly conditioned your body to feel thankful, appreciative, empowered, free, and in love with life every day, then in time it makes sense that you would trust your future completely. And chances are likely that stepping into and trusting the unknown will create a whole bunch of new opportunities that you would have never seen coming—that you would have never known until you stepped out of your predictable life and into the unknown future.

The bottom line is this: to create something new in our lives requires a series of daily steps into the unknown. So the questions is—are you ready to take that first step into the unknown—and stay there?