The Fishing For Your Future Challenge

The Fishing For Your Future Challenge

Dr Joe Dispenza | 15 April 2016

I want to invite you all to a simple challenge that I think could have a big impact.

As we all know, to produce a change or accomplish something new in our life takes time. Why? To affect change requires us to move our bodies through time and space—the components of 3-dimensional experiences. As an example, if you’re looking for a new job you have to search job sites, send out resumes, go on interviews, and wait for an answer. If you want a partner you might have to go on a dating site and look through profiles, then go on dates, and if you’re lucky you meet someone you like. Over time, these things begin to show up in our lives. This is 3-dimensional creation—matter trying to influence matter.

Gone Fishing

The work we do is actually 5-dimensonal creation. This is creating from beyond (or outside of) the constraints of space and time. To do this, in meditation we produce an elevated emotion and match it with a clear intention. In the process we become more energy than matter, resulting in a new potential being broadcast into the quantum field. When there’s a vibrational match between our energy and that potential in the quantum field—when we’ve locked into the frequency of that object or thing we’ve placed our energy and focus on—we collapse time. In collapsing time, space moves towards us, causing us to become the vortex that draws the new possibility towards us. In other words, we don’t have to move towards our creation, because it is moving towards us.

Another way to think of it is like this; imagine you’re fishing and you cast your line into the ocean—that vast space of nothingness where all fish exist. When you receive the vibrational match on your line, you know you’ve hooked the fish, and so you continually reel the line towards you. When it gets close to the boat, you don’t want to get too excited or it gets away. You have to be patient and stay present.

This is a metaphor for the 5D creation process, and it happens in no time because it was made from the place of no time; it appears out of nowhere because it was created from nowhere—and so every time you move into the place of no time and no space, you’re reeling your future closer to you.

What is no time, no space, and no where?

This place of no time, no space, and no where is the quantum field—an invisible, interconnected field of information and intelligence that exists beyond space and time. It is in the quantum field where all possibility exists as a thought.

All of us have access to this field when we become no body, no one, no thing, no where, and no time; in other words, we become pure consciousness. In this state, when our consciousness merges with this greater field where all possibilities exist as a thought and potential, that's where creation comes from.

If you’re going to create something out of nothing, you have to get to nothing; if you’re going to create something out of no where, you have to get to no where. And if you’re going to create something in no time, you have to get to no time.

Fortunately for humans, we have the frontal lobe, which is the creative center in our brains. Think of it as a volume control that is used to turn down the parts of the brain that process time and space. The frontal lobe is the biological and neurological machinery that enables us to make thought as real as anything else.

The Challenge

With that said, if you’re ready to up-your-game, here’s my challenge to you. Instead of just doing your meditation in the morning or at night, set five reminders throughout the day to stop for five minutes and change your energy. That’s 25 extra minutes per day to invest in your future and magnetize it towards you. If you don’t have five minutes, just pull yourself into the present moment and elevate your energy. Eyes opened or closed, if you did this five times a day, wouldn’t that theoretically amplify your future to you five times faster? And wouldn’t this more quickly result in this elevated emotion becoming your state of being? The more you practice this, the easier it will get.

When we change our energy with a clear intention and elevated emotions, we are broadcasting a new signature into the field. The more energy we have in our heart, the bigger the field we broadcast. The bigger the field, the more we feel connected and less separate—and the more we feel connected the more we feel selfless instead of selfish. This is what it takes for us to create destiny.

I invite you to see if you can observe a difference in your life.

Happy fishing!