Telomeres: The Biological Clock in Our Genetics


The Biological Clock in Our Genetics

Dr Joe Dispenza | 15 September 2017

Our bodies are made up of approximately 60-100 trillion cells. Every cell contains a nucleus, within which exists our chromosomes. Humans have 23 pair of chromosomes and chromosomes contain genetic information to be passed on called DNA. At the very tip of these chromosomes are tiny little strands of DNA called telomeres—biological clocks buried in our genetic makeup that science previously thought had a finite existence.

Every time a human cell divides, it makes a copy of its DNA. The problem with cell division is that DNA replication isn’t perfect and so it skips over the end of each chromosome. The telomeres at the end of these chromosomes then serve as meaningless repeats of DNA that we can afford to lose. This becomes a problem, however, because as cells continue to divide, our telomeres become shorter and shorter. Eventually they become totally stripped away, at which point they lose their ability to divide. While science isn’t one hundred percent certain how the reduction of telomeres affects aging, it’s clear that it is a natural part of the aging process. The good news is, through some healthy lifestyle interventions such as exercise, reducing stress, eating foods high in antioxidants, and practicing yoga and meditation, telomeres can also be lengthened. It begs the question, when we make the right choices to create more balance and homeostasis, can we reverse our biological clock and alter our genetic destiny?

This process of lengthening and shortening telomeres, like everything else in this space-time reality we live in, takes time. For instance, it takes time to heal, it takes time to make money, it takes time to find a relationship, and it takes time to change. This is because we’re playing by the rules of Newtonian Physics. But what we’re finding in our work is that healings and other manifestations are happening in shorter amounts of time. If something that should take a certain amount of time is happening more quickly—or even instantaneously—that means time is collapsing. If this is the case, then on some level we’re addressing a quantum phenomenon.

Recently I was having a conversation with a genetic researcher who is helping us measure telomeres at our Advanced Workshop in Palm Springs in September. We were discussing how telomeres, like fingernails or hair, take time to grow, thus to see a significant change in the lengthening of telomeres usually takes 60 – 90 days. He was of the mindset that this was the only way it can occur. I offered him an alternative perspective and said to him, “That’s true if we’re looking at it through the window of Newtonian physics—by chemicals changing chemicals or matter changing matter. This process happens in our three-dimensional reality—in space-time—because everything takes time in this realm. But what if it’s a quantum phenomenon and it’s happening from a place of energy—from a place beyond space and time?” In other words, if it happens in no time, then the process is no longer Newtonian; now its quantum.

I told him about the many different people in our workshops who have had spontaneous healings during the workshop, meaning once they’ve returned to their senses—post meditation—when they open their eyes, suddenly their eczema disappeared, their hearing returned, their wounds and lesions healed, or the pain in their back was no longer present. I told him that had to be a quantum phenomenon and made the hypothesis that if these students were connecting to the wholeness and unifying energy of the unified field, then we should be able to see some changes in telomere length. If the process was occurring instantaneously, say within a weekend, our students would not be at the mercy of a linear process in time. It would be a quantum process, which is one way to explain spontaneous remission. 

In February this year, when we measured 7500 gene regulations at our Advanced Workshop in Tampa, Florida, the scientific team we partnered with had the same opinion. They thought that the ability to regulate new genes would take months to observe. However, in four days, 30 students upregulated 8 genes that are intimately involved with health and healing. What an exciting time to discover how powerful human beings really are.

We are now studying telomeres at our workshops and will continue to do so over the next year. If we find that telomeres are indeed lengthening in several days, that’s just one more proof point that people are connecting to the energy of the unified field. In other words, it would mean that the intervention that’s causing the change in the telomeres is not coming from matter, because that would require time—so if it’s not matter then its energy. And since energy is the what governs matter, it makes sense that our bodies should respond to a new mind.

When you change your energy, you change your life.