One Collective Step: Walk for the World

One Collective Step:

Walk for the World

Dr Joe Dispenza | 18 July 2023

Recently, my team and I announced Walk for the World – our first ever global Walking Meditation. So far, the response has been tremendous, with thousands of people writing in from around the world to share their enthusiasm, their gratitude, and their willingness to participate.

Many have simply said, “I’m in!” Others have asked how they can contribute. Still others have talked about changing energy by coming together in love and peace. And many have acknowledged the need for healing on a global scale.

Community. Generosity. Love. Peace. Unity. Healing. For all these reasons and more, we’re going to walk.

Walk for the World – the What (and the When)

This first ever global walk will take place Saturday, September 23, 2023 – coinciding with our Week Long Advanced Retreat in Marco Island, Florida – at 10 a.m. Eastern time. All details can be found at

Participants can walk together in groups; as part of larger, organized walks in their cities or towns; form their own groups with family and friends; or join us in the solitude of their own practice. All walkers will follow a brand new, guided Walking Meditation created for this event. My team and I are working on it now.

Walk for the World is open to anyone who wants to participate – from anywhere in the world. And that leads to what’s most important: why we’re hosting this walk now.

Walk for the World – the Why

Perhaps more than any time in history, the world is extremely divided, with points of view so polarized, fractures in society have extended all the way to the family dinner table. It’s become harder and harder to disagree in a civil way … to respect differing points of view … and to peacefully coexist.

As a result, more and more of us are living in stress and survival – and in that state, we don’t have the capacity for generosity, collaboration, tolerance, and kindness. It’s become too easy to lose sight of our commonalities, our shared experience, and the inherent good nature in our fellow human beings.

In my experience, the best way to counter the effects of such disharmony and mistrust is to create and nurture a sense of community. When we can come together with a shared vision and respect for each other’s beliefs, we find ourselves liberated from the illusion of separation.

We’ve seen this happen, again and again, at our live retreats around the world. Crowds of 1,800 … 3,000 … sometimes more than 7,000 people … coming together in love, generosity, gratitude, and healing. Our Walking Meditations are not only an essential part of these gatherings; for many, they’re among the most transformational experiences of our time together – and in their lives.

In the welcoming and healing energy of community, we realize we’re all in this together – and together, we can elevate our emotions. We can share a collective intention to change ourselves – and, ultimately, make some change in our world. Together, we can elevate discourse. And we can elevate energy on a global scale.

Walk for the World – the How

In our Walking Meditations, we practice transitioning from the traditional seated meditation, where we change our energy with our eyes closed, to an active meditation – where we change our energy while standing, followed by walking in that energy with our eyes open.

In these meditations, we walk as it. We demonstrate who we want to be in our future, and we become it.

Our research – along with numerous powerful testimonials – shows that after practicing the Walking Meditation for one hour, it’s possible to make significant changes in our brain and body that translate into other areas of our lives.

And so, imagine a community of thousands of people around the world … collectively walking into our future … a more evolved version of ourselves.

Embodying Change … One Step at a Time

In recent years, we’ve witnessed the effects of short-term peace-gathering projects. There are peer-reviewed articles on the power of prayer in communities – showing reductions in crime and violence and benefits to health and economy.  Usually, though, when the gathering is over – and the meditation ends – things gradually return to the way they were before.

I developed this approach to Walking Meditations to enable us to practice with our eyes open – not only during the meditation, but also in our everyday lives and interactions with others. To practice when we’re challenged. To practice when we’re tempted to default to our old personality – when we otherwise wouldn’t have the capacity to love, or forgive, or give someone the benefit of the doubt.

The Walking Meditation teaches our body what it feels like to walk in the energy of a new, more evolved, version of ourselves. And, with practice, to carry that energy into our daily lives – and sustain it.

And when we show people what it means to change; to be noble; to be courageous; to be loving; to be caring; to be kind; to be generous … it gives them permission to do the same.

When we walk as one mind and one heart, a higher consciousness emerges. We carry a new vision of the world into the present moment – together.

Ultimately, in this work, we learn that nothing in our life changes … until we change. By extension, the only way to change the world … is to change ourselves. The Walking Meditation is how we enact and embody that change. One step at a time.

I hope you’ll join us. And Walk for the World.

Walk for the World will take place Saturday, September 23, 2023, at 10 a.m. Eastern time. To learn more – including how to register, organize a local event, or connect with others in your area – and sign up to receive important updates, visit