Observing the Supernatural: My Reflections on Carefree

Observing the Supernatural:

My Reflections on Carefree

Dr Joe Dispenza | 14 May 2015

Wow! That’s really the best way I can think of to describe my experience at the Advanced Workshop in Carefree, Arizona. I’ve been a part of many workshops over the years but this one was arguably the best. 500 people came with the desire to further their development, hone the skills needed to cultivate lasting change and literally become supernatural. 

I get excited before every event but the Advanced Workshop is different. The week before I generally don’t get much sleep because I’m ready to get started and to see people put the work to use. My attention and my energy are already there in the room. I’m continuously revisiting the right potential in the quantum field to help my students create a successful outcome.

Our Advanced Workshops are such a unique experience because we can verify what’s happening through a combination of brain scans, GDV testing, heart rate variability monitoring as well as genetic testing, blood analysis and measuring the ambient fluctuations in the energy of the entire room.

Initial test results from Carefree are truly incredible. Some of the real time brain scans showed people were generating four million microvolts squared of energy in their brains. To put that into perspective 10-60 microvolts is considered normal! When it comes to our research “normal”’ is more like the former than the latter.

The theme of the workshop in Carefree was “Becoming Supernatural.” The idea is that if we start to do what feels unnatural then we will begin to produce the uncommon or supernatural. Put another way, if we can step out of physical reality into a place where we are no body, no one, no thing in no where or no time then we can enter into the quantum field and that is where possibility exists.

Getting to this space requires changing our energy and changing energy requires trusting the unknown and that can be difficult. The participants in Carefree were amazing. I was moved to tears by their engagement with the material. The testing showed what I observed – that people were going beyond their experience of their own physical realities, personalities and identities.

I introduced some new concepts at Carefree. Teaching new material can be difficult because you’re still figuring out the best way to present the ideas. Having said that, I believe it went really well. There was a moment during a talk about the pineal gland when I looked around the room and noticed this wonderful present time awareness. In that instant it seemed as if everyone understood the content, saw how it was relevant in their life and could put it to work the next day during the morning meditation.

During the event we also worked on the concept of dimensionalization. I started by having people choose an everyday object that they wanted to manifest. Some people chose flowers while others went with bolts, two-dollar-bills, red balls (that said POOF on it), humming birds (which showed up right in the conference room by the way) and even a rubber duck.

The goal of dimensionalization is to create reality and to draw it toward you. The process involves observing the object during meditation, giving it shape, weight, texture, etc. and raising your amplitude of energy to the point where you enter the quantum field and begin to dimensionally experience with the object. Near the end of the event several people reported manifesting their objects including one who came across a massive rubber duck in a parking lot. In these instances these people were able, as the quantum observer, to collapse the wave function from thought into energy and finally into matter. Simply put, their thoughts became matter!

It’s humbling to see so many people breaking from what was a predictable future. The program offered at Carefree was vigorous and designed to push people out of their comfort zones, or put another way, their old habits and familiar emotions.   I outlined many of my goals for this event but the overall purpose was to help people experience the supernatural so that when they return to their “normal” lives it won’t be the same as when they left.

On a personal note, I have to give thanks to everyone who helped and attended. The energy in Carefree was palpable. Indeed, you could feel it growing with every breakthrough and I fed off that energy. Together we made scientific history. More importantly, we created a community, a safe space where we can practice, learn and grow which are essential if we are going to produce positive change in our lives and in the world. And to those who attended – you became supernatural.