New Measurements, New Possibilities: Part I

New Measurements, New Possibilities:

Part I

Dr Joe Dispenza | 29 March 2019

At the conclusion of each advanced Week Long event, my team and I always wonder if it’s really possible for us to witness even greater degrees of transformation, miracles, and personal change, yet two weeks ago in Bonn, Germany, just over 1400 people from 43 countries (with an additional 93 countries represented in our live stream) participated in what has to date been our most outstanding Week Long event we’ve ever hosted. From the outset the group as a collective was very focused, very sincere, and very willing. In addition, I personally felt like I articulated a lot of the information better than in the past, not to mention in as many ways as possible.

What made the event so great was that day after day we gave our students numerous opportunities to overcome themselves and connect to the field, all the while building a greater and greater level of understanding. The energy of the group kept rising until we reached a new pinnacle by the end of the week. As a result, many mystical experiences, new creations, and profound healings occurred within our student body.

What also made this event exciting was that for the first time since the fall of 2018, we invited in our team of neuroscientists and researchers. I wanted to get real-time meditation brain measurements to see if we could identify new patterns, look for similar patterns, observe trends and consistencies, as well as to see if our students are advancing the skills. The research was so surprising, so exciting, and so mind blowing that I wanted to share some of the results with you. Why? Because the scientific method is finally merging, validating, and explaining the theories and hypothesis I have for years been attempting to articulate, regarding my personal experiences with the mystical.

What We Are Witnessing

When a person is in a normal state of awareness, a brain scan will reveal beta brainwave patterns. These types of patterns are associated with cognitive tasks and interactions with the outside world. The first thing we are now finding within our community is that in a very short amount of time (sometimes as little as 10 seconds), our students are able to change from beta to alpha brainwave patterns, which are associated with a quiet, calm mind that is very much engaged in the present moment. To have this degree of conscious control is very significant, and this is becoming a trend in our community.

The second thing we are witnessing is that when our students shift from beta to alpha brainwave states, we are seeing not just regular alpha patterns, but very coherent alpha patterns. In measuring 19 different compartments of the brain, we are finding that these often disparate parts of the brain are communicating and synchronizing with each other as one. This means that literally billions of neurons that make up the brain are all operating in rhythm, order, and coherence. When we began this work, we’d see certain regions of the brain synchronizing as such, but what we are now witnessing is truly profound. As our students’ brains get more and more super coherent, the alpha patterns are displaying higher amplitudes of energy in the brain. If there’s more energy in the brain, that means the brain is experiencing a greater level of awareness, which translates into a greater level of consciousness.

From coherent alpha patterns, many of our students are then moving into very coherent and organized theta brainwave patterns. The theta state is often associated with dreaming and the realm between wakefulness and sleep. This is due to the fact that the neocortex—the thinking/analytical brain—becomes completely suppressed. The neocortex is your memory bank, the seat of your personality, and the totality of your learning and experiences. Essentially, it’s the artifact of the autobiographical self. Consider it your memory bank of knowns.

What separates the conscious mind from the subconscious mind is the analytical mind. Thus, by simply taking their attention off of everything material (meaning a narrow, convergent focus) and opening their awareness to the space around them (meaning an open, divergent focus), many of our students can slip into the theta state quite naturally. This is important because the whole purpose of meditation is to get beyond yourself—beyond your thinking/analytical mind, beyond your body, beyond the people and things in your life, the places you go, and even time itself. It is to transcend everything known to create something unknown.

This is very auspicious because the part of the brain that uses our senses to plug into this 3D reality is being suppressed, so essentially this creates the disappearance of our identity and personality. This is what it means to get beyond the self.

When the neocortex is totally suppressed, the brain moves into a theta brainwave state. Essentially you’ve entered a more lucid dreaming state where you are more conscious (actually superconscious) in your subconscious mind. This allows us to get into the body’s control center, or the autonomic nervous system, and this is where the magic starts to happen.

Our brain scans from Bonn even showed us that when theta brainwaves are elevated outside natural and normal states (that’s supernatural), theta becomes the precursor for a heightened state of gamma brainwave patterns. According to our scans, it is the autonomic nervous system located in the limbic brain that becomes active when the neocortex is deactivated. In a sense, that person is having a profoundly lucid dream that is more real than our 3D reality.

In Part II, I want to share more results and discuss just what that magic is. Stay tuned to that future.