Let’s Walk Again: Walk for the World

Let’s Walk Again:

Walk for the World

Dr Joe Dispenza | 07 November 2023

My team and I were so moved and inspired by your response to Walk for the World, our first global Walking Meditation, in September. And it’s been so gratifying to see so many of you continuing to “walk as it” – meeting with your groups, practicing with your eyes open, embodying the energy of change, and inviting more people to join the movement.

Since that first walk, many people have continued to download the free Walking Meditation we created for the event – by the hundreds per day. And we’ve heard your many requests – from all over the globe – to come together as a collective consciousness and do it again. And so, I’m happy to invite you to join us this Saturday, November 11, at 11 a.m. Eastern time – to Walk for the World.

When we first conceived of a global walk, it was with the idea that now, more than ever, the world needs change. The work we do is based on the idea that nothing changes in our lives – until we change. And if we expand on that, we see that our own inner work has tremendous impact on our outer environment. So, if enough people raise our energy to a greater level of consciousness, we can similarly impact the world around us.

In other words, when we change, the world changes.

Determining Reality Through Collective Coherence

We’ve been talking with our friends at the HeartMath Institute about their Global Coherence Research – and our attempts to measure the impact of these global walks. Using their Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS) – state-of-the-art sensors that observe changes in the earth’s magnetic field – they can measure and track the potential impacts and signatures of major global events that have a strong emotional component, such as Walk for the World.

The graph below shows an aggregate of GCMS sensor measurements taken during that first global Walking Meditation in September:

centered image
Image courtesy HeartMath Institute

The blue curve is called a parabola – and anything that falls inside that curve is statistically within the realm of normal probability. You can see, in the measurements taken during the walk, a number of places where we went right to the edge of that curve – crossing it twice – and stayed right along that upper margin. In essence, that means we collectively produced a significant change in the energy of the earth’s field.

Now, let’s compare that graph to what we see when we measure the effects of collective coherence – 2,000 people in the same location at the same time – at our retreats.

centered image

In the graphs above, you can see a series of measurements tracking these signatures backstage and in the back of the event ballroom. The measurements on the left side – labeled “Thursday - Friday 24 hours” – were taken when no one was in the room focusing their energy. As you might expect, they show a signature along the midline – well within the range of normal.

Look what happens, though, on the right side. Those graphs show the electromagnetic signature during Walking Meditations and Coherence Healing™ sessions. The energy is significantly elevated – and breaks outside the curve of the parabola, showing what’s possible with greater and greater levels of coherence.

You can see, now, how very close we were to breaking outside the curve in our first Walk for the World. Obviously, a shift took place as we walked and meditated together. And though the number of participants in that first walk – we estimate more than 200,000 people in 167 countries – was impressive, it isn’t the number of participants than can break us past that barrier of the norm. It’s the greatest amount of coherence that does it.

Another way to say it is, collective networks of observers determine reality. And so, when we come together in community; in healing; in a united vision; holding the shared intention for global change … when we create coherence through our elevated emotions and emerge as a collective consciousness … we have the ability to affect reality.

When we change our energy, we literally can change the world.

These graphs, then, show more than measurements. They show a reason to feel empowered. They show a reason to feel hope.

Leading in Love

So, this is our vision our next walk: let’s all hold the intention to raise our energy enough to get on the other side of that curve. Let’s move beyond probability – into an even greater energy. And let’s do it together. Let’s lead in love – and practice becoming the change we want to see in the world.

I hope you’ll join us – and I hope you’ll invite your family; your friends; your neighbors; everyone you know. The world needs a divine intervention right now – and that means it needs all of us.

Let’s walk again – this Saturday, November 11, at 11 a.m. EST. I hope to see you out there.


Our next Walk for the World will take place Saturday, November 11, 2023, at 11 a.m. Eastern time. To learn more – including how to download the free meditation Dr Joe created especially for these global walks – visit Walkforthe.World.