Have You Been Affected by GOLOV-20?

Have You Been Affected by GOLOV-20?

Dr Joe Dispenza | 05 June 2020

“Pick a flower on Earth and move the farthest star.”
- Paul Dirac, Physicist

In a time of global crisis where people are forced to live in isolation and separation, where fear has gripped many people and weaken their immune systems, I had the thought: It is impossible to quarantine love. And what is love? It’s the intangible, ineffable, non-local, transcendent engine of connection that bridges our humanity with our divinity. So with the idea of spreading and amplifying the frequency of love around the world, we created the GOLOV-20 campaign.


Research performed at our workshops shows that when we feel elevated emotions like love and gratitude, by sustaining such an elevated state for 15-20 minutes day, we release chemicals in our immune system called antibodies. Antibodies are chemical proteins in our blood that fight foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses.

In addition, our research (along with research from other cutting-edge organizations such as the HeartMath Institute) also shows that when a group of people come together in heart-centered emotions such as love or gratitude and direct the intention of that elevated emotion towards another person, they can actually produce a non-local effect on that person’s autonomic nervous system. In the process, the person receiving the love becomes entrained to that higher frequency and their heart responds to love—from a distance. So GOLOV-20 was created upon the idea that we could make a difference in people’s lives by producing a mass affection—one person at a time. My secondary idea was to teach people that when they are doing this work and opening their hearts, feeling love isn’t as hard as they think it is.

The GOLOV-20 process was quite simple. Think of a person you want to send love to, and then reach out to them either via text, video or audio message, or even in a phone call. In that interaction, let them know why you love them or how they have inspired you. Then tell them you are about to do a meditation for them in which you will be sending them love (or bringing them into your heart), and just ask them to be open to receiving love (we provided a guided meditation, see below). The act of expressing love naturally moves energy and causes both participants to feel love.

For the past several weeks, our metrics have shown that over 10,000 people per week have been touched by GOLOV-20. In the process, individuals from all over the world unified in a time of separation and produced significant outcomes that changed many people’s lives. While the number isn’t as important as the effect, our goal was to infect/affect 500,000 people with love. Because we have such an impressive, heart-centered, engaged global community, the campaign swept across the world and was translated into 10 different languages. I’m happy to report we exceeded our goal of a half-million people (in fact, more than 600,000 people around the world had their hearts touched by love).

What we proved was that love cannot be quarantined and that love transcends space and time. Its power can change lives, alter timelines, mend families and relationships, and create healing. It can also transmute the past, and when you heal the past, you are free to create a new future.

As the opening quote suggests, the smallest acts can have interstellar effects, but sharing love is no small act. When you intentionally make the expression of love a part of your daily practice—that is feeling, receiving, and giving love—not only do you boost your immune system, but you begin to understand that the more you feel love, the more you become love, and when you become the embodiment of love, you can change the world.

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