Five Questions

Five Questions

Dr Joe Dispenza | 26 March 2021

Beyond the Blessing of the Energy Centers, one of our most popular meditations is Changing Boxes. In fact back in August 2019, we did a three-part blog about it. The power of changing boxes is that you can jump to a different reality where your pain, your suffering, your lack, your sickness, your problems, etc. either do not exist or are magically resolved. To bring all of these difficulties under one umbrella, lets call them your “challenge.

If you think about your challenge in a box and your solution is outside the box, we could say then that no matter the size of the box, you are ultimately going to be limited by the parameters of six walls. As an example, if youre looking for your keys inside your house but they are inside your car, you can search every nook and cranny for your keys but you wont find them because they exist outside those walls. So what are those walls? They are the metaphorical limitations of your thinking, and we are only limited by that which we cannot dream or imagine.

To bridge the concept of the Box Meditation with your everyday waking reality, this week I want to present you with a simple challenge. The challenge is to think greater than the level of consciousness and awareness in which your current challenge exists. After all, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them,as Einstein said. You will do this by writing down and answering the following five questions on a piece of paper or on your device:

1. What is the challenge in your life you would like to untangle and turn into a solution?

2. What might be the lesson behind what is masquerading as the challenge?

3. How would you think, act, and feel if this challenge did not exist and how would your life be different?

4. How would that change your relationships and/or your interactions with your external world?

5. Who would you be and how would you walk today if you had mastered this challenge and it no longer existed?

Look at these questions and answers when you wake up, before you go to bed, and carry them with you throughout the week. When you think of the challenge, take out the piece of paper or device and reread it. If you like, you can even set an alarm on your phone for three times throughout the day to pull out the answers, study them, embody them, then continue to move throughout your day in the energy of life without the challenge. The whole point is to bring a new level of awareness and focus to the solution, because more often than not, we focus solely on the problem.

If you feel so motivated, at the end of every day take a minimum of ten minutes to record your observations in a notebook. You dont need to write a novella and you dont need to be poetic. Just write, record, and observe. At the end of the week, take note of how the little shifts in focus and awareness systematically altered the course of your week. If you want to take this to the next level, you can even do it in tandem with the Changing Boxes Meditation.

Try this for one week and see what happens. I suspect youre going to remember how powerful and unlimited you really are.