Firing Up The Networks and Stepping Up the Game

Firing Up The Networks and Stepping Up the Game

Dr Joe Dispenza | 04 March 2016

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a map of the world from outer space. As nightfall rolls across the hemispheres opposite the sun, light begins to emanate from cities scattered across the globe. Eventually these city lights bleed out to reveal greater metropolitan areas. These clusters of light then connect to other clusters of light via smaller cities and highways, eventually forming a network of illumination across the continent. By any chance does this network look at all familiar? Maybe…perhaps… similar to the neural connections in our brains?

This firing up of networks is exactly what we just did two weeks ago at our Advanced Workshop in Tacoma, Washington. While meditating in the darkness, my staff and I watched new neural connections light up in the brains of our students. We watched as many of them had internal experiences that were so profound, each one would tell you that their experience was more real than the reality in which you’re reading this.

How do we know this objectively? We know because we were mapping their brains in real time with a team of scientist and technicians. Whereas an average brain registers anywhere from 10-60 microvolts squared (mv2) of energy when neural networks fire, we recorded some readings from 500,000 mv2 to more than 1,000,000 microvolts2 more than the average brain. According to conventional science, these students should be having seizures, and yet their bodies remained motionless. Internally, however, their brains moved into coherence, facilitating higher states of consciousness and energy, and thus producing profound states of mind. The sum of this coherence or neural activity is that they were repatterning, reorganizing, and repairing neural connections. One could argue, in a sense, they were creating new neural pathways to their future. Put in other words, their inner experience became more real than any outer past experience…and they were changing their biology in a matter of moments.

How We Did It

On hand for this extraordinary event was Dr. Jeffery Fannin, a neuroscientist whose team has been interfacing with our team for the last three years to measure various properties occurring in the brain. Also on hand for the first time we had Dawson Church, Ph.D., whose team measured cortisol and IgA levels through saliva samples in 100+ of our students both before and after the event. With Church, we also interviewed those same students before and after the event in order to create comprehensive psychological profiles. We will revisit their progress at three months, six months, and a year in order to study the long-term effects of meditation as it relates to transformation, as well as how well this work helps them function in their life.

In addition, we once again partnered with the HeartMath Institute to measure heart coherence, which naturally occurs during elevated states of emotion like gratitude, appreciation, kindness, and compassion, to name a few. We are not only interested in measuring these effects on our students who are regulating their internal states, but also to see if these elevated states produce strong enough magnetic fields to influence other’s heart coherence. This phenomenon has occurred quite naturally in past Advanced workshops. When our students created heart-centered emotional states, their energy affected the students who were wearing heart rate monitors at a remote location, causing them to move into heart coherence at the exact same time, on the exact same meditation, and on the exact same day. We are looking forward to seeing that trend happening again.

Melissa Waterman, BS, MSW, and Certified Advanced Level GDV User, measured the energy of the room, the energy around students’ bodies, and the energy centers of their bodies using Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) imaging, a breakthrough technology that measures the human energy field. Beyond people aligning and expanding their energy fields, the most interesting result was that when our students were doing a walking meditation 12 blocks away, they actually raised the energy in the hall where our lectures and mediations took place. We were pleased to see this phenomenon occur again after we discovered the same shift in energy last October at the Cabo San Lucas’s Advanced retreat.

The Roadmap To Change

What our partnerships are attempting to create is a scientific roadmap for change and transformation. Why are we doing this? If we can free ourselves of the limited emotions of the past, we can use that energy to create a new future. Put in other words, if we can change ourselves, we can change the world.

While we are attempting to provide the science for the mainstream and the establishment, you beautiful people—through diligence and passion—are the ones affecting real change in the world. Each one of you is on the front lines of the Copernican-sized shift in consciousness that’s occurring in our lifetime. Every time you close your eyes to meditate and enter an elevated state of love, gratitude, or compassion, you are creating coherence in your brain, heart, and in your field of energy. This serves to repair traumas and blocks that we can’t help but experience as part of the human condition, and to create new neurological connections that restore our brains and bodies (to name a few).

Our work is about mastering the self through directed intention and energy to create new ways of being. If you’ve been to any of our workshops, you’ve seen people have incredible healings and/or made huge strides in overcoming their fears and limitations. We witnessed some of these changes in our event this past weekend. These are the people who I want to hang out with, the ones who have the courage and fortitude to overcome their former selves in order to become the greatest versions of themselves. These are the people who inspire me, who propel me to keep traveling and teaching around the world. They are my heroes. Change on the individual and global level truly is possible, but it all starts with the self.

Remember where we started this—in that individual neurological network map? Let’s back that scene up even further. Whereas at first we thought of the map as an individual’s brain lighting up, now see the map as an enmeshed collective of human potential and illumination. The more of us who awaken in community, the more we will entrain those around us to awaken, and the beauty of entrainment is it requires no effort; just your beautiful being.