Emotions as Tools of Creation (Part I)

Emotions as Tools of Creation (Part I)

Dr Joe Dispenza | 31 January 2020

As human beings, emotions are one of the most powerful tools and resources of creation that we possess. This means that, as the creator of our own emotions—because we are endowed with free will—at every moment we have the opportunity to choose how we think, feel, act, and react to the people, circumstances, and situations in our lives.

Since I began teaching this work, one of the core practices of my teachings has been to guide and enable people to self-regulate so that they can change their emotional states at will; that is, to practice being less of a victim to life and more of a creator in life. Why? When we become conscious of our choices, naturally we begin to gravitate towards making more loving ones, rather than choices that limit our ability to love. Of course, easier said than done. This is, after all, why it’s called a practice, and central to mastering this practice is heart and brain coherence.

Source Energy, or the First Cause

Aristotle and the ancient Greeks were famous for, among other things, deliberating the “first cause.” Essentially, this is the idea that every ‘thing’ in the universe must have arisen from some ‘thing.’ Said another way, it means that every chain of causes must go back to an originating source. In the second millennium after Christ, the medieval theologian Saint Thomas Aquinas left his mark on history by picking up this mantle.

While philosophers and theologians have debated this argument since the beginning of time, here at the start of the third millennium, where science has become the new language of mysticism, we can call this first cause Source energy, or the unified field. At its core, this creative energy is pure love, Oneness, and/or wholeness. It is from this point of singularity—from this field where everything material is connected—that we (each as individual consciousness) descended from and into this 3D reality of density and human physicality. Perhaps the most defining aspect of this physical reality is our senses, which are what plug us into, and allow us to experience, this realm of matter. In fact, if you were to take away everything that you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch, you would have no experience of this 3D reality at all.

When we descended from Source, pure love, or singularity down to this 3D reality of density, we began to experience everything in this reality as separate because this is how we experience matter. As the slowest frequency we perceive with our senses, everything from objects, to people, to places appear to be separate and local in space and time (or occupying space at a particular time). Thus, to experience this reality through our senses is to say “I am here and you are there—and in between us is an ocean of space.” Because the material world is experienced through our senses, it is the nature of our senses to fool us into this illusion of separation. When this happens, it becomes very easy to forget our origins or connection to Source, Oneness, wholeness, or pure love.

The Role of Stress to Create Duality and Polarity

When our senses become heightened by the stress hormones, separation—and/or the belief that this is the only world or reality that exists—is further engrained into our belief system. The arousal of the stress hormones, resulting from our perception of a potential danger, threat in our external environment, or anything that could harm our physical bodies, causes us to put our attention on everything material in this 3D reality (which consists of the body, all elements in the environment, and the forecasting of time based on our memory of the past). As a result, we narrow our focus on the material world. Since where we place our attention is where we place our energy, then all of our attention and energy is invested into this 3D reality. Thus, we have to play by the rules of matter trying to change matter in the effort to create what we want, and that takes time.

It makes sense then that, the more we live by these self-limiting emotions—the more we buy into, and are entrenched in, the idea of duality and polarity—the more we live in lack and separation, i.e., good and bad; right and wrong; past and future; love and hate; male and female; and so on. The degree to which we buy into this duality consciousness is the degree to which we become victims of our emotions. The sponsoring belief behind this level of consciousness is the idea that things are happening to me, rather than for me.

The former relinquishes the power that we are actually the creators of our own reality. It is an idea that finds us living in separation and duality. Thus we find ourselves waiting for something in our outer world to take away the feeling of lack, incompleteness, or separation in our inner world.

The latter assumes the position that each experience is an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand, and that from the knowledge gained from the experience, we have the power of wisdom to create a new reality.

If we have the desire to create a new reality, we need to begin by ascending our energy away from separation towards wholeness and Oneness. This requires us to invest our energy in the unified field—to take our attention off of matter and open our focus into that invisible field of energy—and that requires us to get beyond all of our associations to everything known and material in this 3D reality. Akin to creating a new reality is the mastery of combining brain coherence with elevated heart-centered emotions in the name of this generative, creative process.

The more we practice these elevated emotions and create heart coherence, the more they become a way of being that inhabits our body. As these feelings begin to seep into every cell of our being, we start to feel whole—and the field emitted from our heart makes us feel connected to something greater. Now we’re living in less lack and separation, and this causes us to move out of duality and polarity and back into Oneness and Source.

If pure love is where we descended from, then the more whole and connected we feel, the less lack, separation, and/or want we experience because we feel like we already have what we are creating.

Stay tuned for Part II.