You Have To Believe It To Become It

You Have To Believe It To Become It

Dr Joe Dispenza | 22 October 2021

At our workshops around the world, it’s not uncommon that someone stands on the stage and tells the story of their own personal healing. Often they will begin by acknowledging the fact that, because they had been dealing with their health condition for so long, they became used to thinking and feeling in certain ways, doing the same things every day, behaving in certain unconscious patterns, making the same routine choices, and even taking the same medications—without experiencing any changes in their health condition.

They also elaborate on the fact that they were sent to several different specialists to whom they told the same story, reciting the same case history, only to receive limited recommendations and advice to utilize similar medications, surgeries, or treatment options. Unbeknownst to themselves, in the process of repeatedly retelling the story of their past, they were constantly reaffirming their state of health, which ultimately became their identity. In other words, they told the story so many times that they identified as the personality who was unhealthy. They biologically became the story.

When it came time to apply the work, many of these people also shared the realization that, although they knew this work was the truth—because they saw it work for other people—they had the subconscious belief that it would not work for them.

If you have this belief, this is precisely the moment when its time to get off the bench and step onto the playing field, because this is the moment when it matters most. This is the time when you have to change that belief, and do the work with a new level of energy.

The Defining Moment

I say this as a reminder, because if you do the work without the belief that you can be or will be healed, then you haven't changed any aspects of your thinking, behaviors, or emotions. But if you get up from your meditation and believe in your new state of health, and thus your new future, more than when you sat down, then you have created a change in the way you’re thinking and feeling. You’ve changed your state of being. This is important to note because it’s this new feeling that causes you to believe in your future—and when you believe in your future, you’re no longer feeling separate from it. You only feel separate from your future when you’re back to your old personality, thinking and feeling in the same ways, wondering when or if you might get better.

When people in this work decide they are no longer limited or defined by a condition, label, or prognosis—and when they eventually do heal themselves—they can always tell you the exact moment when they decided to go all in. That’s because when they made up their mind to change, it became a highly defining moment—and they can recall where they were, who they were with, what time of day it was, etc.

When they finally made the conscious, intentional choice to show up for themselves every day, they were doing so because they finally believed in the possibility of living a healthy life again. The truth of the matter is, you can't believe in yourself without believing in possibility, and you can't believe in possibility without believing in yourself.

The Truth Is Found in the Work

When I’ve talked to people who have had profound healings—and when I watch their testimonials—they often comment on the moment they made up their mind to change as a pivotal point in their journey back to health. The decision did not come from their outer environment; in fact,  they weren't waiting for something in their environment to change so they could begin to heal. They changed their inner environment, and that's what started the healing—that's the moment their healing began.

When they made the choice to heal, in that moment in time they did so with such firm intention that the amplitude of their decision caused their body to respond to their mind. The intensity of the decision carried a level of energy that was greater than their body’s persistent, hardwired thoughts and conditioned emotions that were based on the past. And because the emotion was so strong, it altered their normal state of being and they remembered their choice in that moment even more. This is how long term-memories are formed.

Every time you make the decision to believe in your future with that level of energy, you’re sending out a big signal that creates big ripples in the quantum field. If you keep doing it enough times, you’re conditioning your body to a new mind. You’re combining a thought and a feeling, an image and an emotion, and a stimulus and a response. This is how you condition your brain and body into a new future.

In these moments, you're giving your body a taste of the emotions of your future, and you’re branding it neurologically in your brain. Youre remembering your future. You are aligning your brain and body to a new future, and because the environment signals the gene—and the end product of an experience in the environment is an emotion—you are actually signaling genes ahead of the environment. 

You are changing your genetic destiny by becoming your future and biologically identifying yourself as a new personality.

That’s the moment your healing begins.

It’s the mind-body connection in its ultimate form.