Emotional Rescue (Not the Rolling Stones kind)

Emotional Rescue (Not the Rolling Stones kind)

Dr Joe Dispenza | 07 July 2019

My team and I, along with more than one thousand people, just completed a weeklong event in Cancun, Mexico. As has become the norm, by the end of the week there were numerous stories of inspiring, supernatural healings. Remissions from all kinds of health conditions were reported (and are still coming in) from cancer, to spinal-cord injuries, paralysis from strokes, kidney failure, frozen shoulder, vertigo, and more. But the key finding we noticed at this event was that for the majority of the attendees, there was significant emotional healing. Let’s take a closer look at that.

Emotions are residual chemical records of the past. Because emotions influence our thoughts, if we live by these same familiar emotions every day, and those emotions are driving our thoughts (or said another way, we can’t think greater than how we feel) then not only are we thinking in the past, but we’re creating more of the past through the same chemistry, biology, behaviors, and actions. This means we are forecasting our future through the unconscious anticipation of the past. Why? Because as humans, if we can predict feelings for every experience, we can remain safely in the known—even if that known is stagnant, suffocating, or unhealthy.

And so my job is to move a community of people out of the past and into the present so they are no longer anticipating the predictable future based on the past. What most people don’t understand is that the sweet spot of the generous present moment is the unknown. When you are in that present moment, you are free from the past that holds you prisoner, thus you are able to use that liberated energy to create a new future.

Our group in Cancun was very intentional, and while they made some big breakthroughs in the middle of the week, their biggest breakthrough was in their ability to overcome the emotions that kept them connected to memories of the past—as well as the memories that tie them to the problems in their current lives. Like a vicious circle, these types of negative emotions anchor us to everything we have known in the past. Through meditation, however, our students rose to the challenge by lowering the volume to those emotions. This is the first step in overcoming the self, and as a group, our Cancun students were very successful in doing this.

The side effect of our student’s success in releasing themselves from their emotional bonds is that we have received a steady stream of emails and messages telling us not only about their healings, but that they are still in the process of healing. The reason is because the body is actually moving out of the past, and sometimes it may take a week or two for the body to switch on and begin the process of change. But when we heal our emotional state that is tied to, associated with, or built on the past, our personality literally begins to change into a new personality—which is a new state of being. Said another way, our state of being is the totality of how we think and feel.

The Role of Epigenetics

As we now know from the science of epigenetics, it’s the environment that signals the gene. Thus, if the end product of an experience in the environment is an emotion, as long as people live by the same familiar emotions every day, they keep signaling the same genes, and this is how you slowly march towards a genetic future.

By the same means, since the body is the unconscious or objective mind, it’s believing its living in the same environmental conditions. Why? Because the person is caught up in the same emotions. But as the person begins to heal from their negative emotions—old emotions related to betrayal, trauma, shock, and other problems in their lives—as they get past the ravenous, insatiable cravings of those emotions, there’s a liberation of energy. In other words, if you stop paying attention to them, they lose their power over you. Now you have available energy to actually create a new future.

As you overcome the emotions that keep you in the past, you are no longer signaling the same genes in the same way—and the body moves into stasis. In the process of creating a new future, as you combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion and really start opening your heart—if you do it properly and practice it over and over, every time you embrace an elevated emotion that’s connected to the future, you begin to select and instruct new genes. Some healings can happen in an instant, but for others it takes a little while for the person to teach the body to remain in that elevated emotion. But if they can sustain that elevated emotion over time—say for a week, it begins to upregulate genes for better health and downregulate genes for the condition or disease.

What we are finding time and again is that the people who receive the greatest healings are the ones who weren’t looking for the healing. Why? Because if you’re looking for the healing, it means you are separate from it—it means you’re trying, forcing, controlling, expecting, wanting, wishing, etc. But when you can get yourself in the emotional state and feel like your future or your healing has already happened, and sustain that emotion, you begin to knock on the genetic door. And since genes make proteins and proteins are responsible for the structure and function of your body—and the expression of proteins is the expression of life—as you heal emotionally, you really begin to heal physically.

What we have known all along, and continues to become more and more evident with every event we do, is that the greatest healings take place by healing our emotions. If we are healing our emotions that means we are healing from the past. This is what we witnessed at the Cancun event, and it’s a great sign that people are making their future more real than their past.

By letting go of the emotions of the past, people with serious physical and emotional traumas, paralyzing anxiety, people dealing with chronic illnesses and disease, genetic disorders, and so much more are healing themselves on a regular basis.

This begs the questions, are you ready to take on whatever it is that needs emotional healing in your life? Why wait for a health condition to manifest before you begin to change? Why not change your future by healing from your past?

As you set out on your healing journey, just remember to be patient with your body…after all, it has to catch up with you.