Embracing Continued Change in the Coming Year

Embracing Continued Change in the Coming Year

Dr Joe Dispenza | 31 December 2021

Saying goodbye to 2021 – with gratitude

What an amazing year we’ve had as a community.

Our latest scientific discoveries in this work are revealing that we're greater than we think, more powerful than we know, and more unlimited than we could ever dream. Now, more than ever, I can make that statement with such confidence. Truth be told, I’m no longer saying it – our data is saying it.

And nowhere is our unlimited potential clearer than through the evidence of our community ... through your lived experience and example. Through your dedication and practice, you’ve demonstrated your understanding of this work and the meaning in what you’re doing to gain value in your lives. Many of you are the living example of truth.

This year, through the marriage of great science and great testimony, you’ve shown us that something really profound is happening in the world. And you, our community members, are at the center of it. Thank you for everything you’ve done to contribute to the important work we’re creating together.

Saying hello to 2022 – with purpose

Now, as we prepare to turn the calendar page, it’s important to reflect on what we’ve achieved this past year. As individual personalities, we need to think about what qualities, habits, and traits we want to carry with us into the coming year – and be intentional about how we do it.

As you envision the year ahead, ask yourself: What did I learn this year? What can I celebrate that I did well? What did I let go of? What did I create? What tools worked really well? What changes did I make? And how can I not only sustain them, but build on them? What do I need to work on? What limited emotions are still driving my thoughts and actions? How do I speak on a regular basis? What unconscious beliefs are limiting me from what I really want in life?

Then write down your answers to those questions.

Ask yourself: Who do I want to leave behind this year? Who do I want to be in the year to come?

And then, make room in your life for uncertainty and discomfort – and surprise. Because if you want to continue to enact meaningful change in your life, you must embrace continued change in yourself.

Not just “why;” not just “what;” but – “how”?

If you’ve been following my work for any amount of time, you know we’re committed to giving people the tools of transformation. We don’t want to talk only about the “what” and the “why” of meaningful change; we want to inspire the “how.”

Many people ask me, what do you do?

At the end of each year, I go back to basics. I take time to self-reflect. I write down the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions I want to change. I want to become so aware of these unconscious thoughts that I will never let them slip by my awareness unnoticed.

I make the effort to remember how I no longer want to act – or react – in my life. I remind myself that these unconscious habits aren’t consistent with the person I want to be.

The act of changing unconscious behaviors requires committing them to my conscious memory so I don’t forget – and returning back to that same person in my waking day.

I make the time to do an inventory: What are the major emotions I live by every day? Are these emotions loving to me?

Even more important, I challenge myself to list the thoughts I want to experience and believe. I take time in my meditations – with intention and attention to repeat them by firing and wiring those circuits – until they become the new voice and automatic belief in my head. I mentally rehearse the new behaviors I want to demonstrate in certain situations that reflect a greater state of mind and body.

In my mind, over and over again, I review a better way to behave until it’s become so ingrained that I can do it with my eyes open.

It’s the art of mental rehearsal that primes the brain to look like we’ve already done the act. Practiced enough times, we install new hardware in the brain – which, in time, ultimately becomes more like an automatic software program. We’ve programmed our brain to behave this way. It’s no different than an actor mentally reciting a script, an athlete internally reviewing their moves, or a musician rehearsing a song in their head.

Last, I ask myself: what will the emotions of my future feel like … and can I practice bringing them up, again and again, until I can do it on command during my waking day – with my eyes open?

This is the process of overcoming the old self and staying conscious … the process of remembering – and not forgetting.

Putting the tools to work for yourself

If you’re looking for some guidance, one of the tools we would suggest is The Formula Online Course, designed to help you create the life you envision.

For those who are new to our community, The Formula is a great introduction to learning how to condition your brain and body into a new future. And for students who already are familiar with our work, this is an excellent opportunity to review the basics and deepen your understanding – and your practice.

It offers an accumulation of more than 10 years of independent research on people who have studied and applied this work, and distills the resulting data into digestible 30-to 40-minute courses – with five meditations – that teach the techniques to realize brain and heart coherence. You’ll learn how to combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion to change your mind and your body – and, ultimately, your life.

Think of it as an experiment. You get to be the scientist in your life — and your life becomes the experiment in which to measure the effects of you, at cause. Significant change doesn’t have to be mystifying. You can apply this simple, two-fold method for changing your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions … and change your life in the process.

Coming full circle

One of the most powerful things about our community is the resonance and reverberation of this life-changing work. As we share the science and testimony of our researchers and practitioners, others bear witness – and realize change at this level is possible for them, too.

As each of you travels down the path of transformation, you touch the lives of others and they touch the lives of others … and, all of a sudden, we’re experiencing change on a massive scale.

That’s why our newest scientific findings are so exciting. They share not only where we’ve been – but the promise of what’s to come.

For those of you who are interested in our latest scientific discovery – a discovery that will change the way the world looks at our human potential –please join us for a Livestream on Friday, January 14 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern. It’s free and open to the public – and will conclude with a live meditation. Invite your friends and loved ones – and share the tools of transformation with them, too.

This special event will take place live from our Marco Island Week Long Advanced Retreat, where we’ll reveal some never-before-seen incredible science about how powerful we really are. It just might change the way you see yourself – and the world we’re co-creating.

Note from Encephalon: To learn more about this exciting research, check out the recording of our Evidence Is the Loudest Voice Livestream, originally broadcast Friday, January 14, 2022.
Where: Evidence Is the Loudest Voice Livestream
Recorded live at our Marco Island Week Long Advanced Retreat