Demystifying the Formula

Demystifying the Formula

Dr Joe Dispenza | 21 May 2021

After more than ten years of independent research on individuals who have studied and applied this work, we have amassed a vast amount of data, measurements, case studies, and testimonials of supernatural proportions. By analyzing all of our scientific research along with the techniques and processes that led to these outcomes — such as complete healings of the body, powerful creations in peoples lives, mystical experiences beyond words, and profoundly consistent synchronicities — we’ve been able to distill the process of personal change and transformation down to a specific formula. Said another way, through the scientific method, our research has been demystifying the process of significantly changing people’s lives.

When I talk about the formula, people often think its an actual mathematical equation, like E=mc2. What I really mean by the formula, is a specific process and technique for people to alter the way they focus their attention, self-regulate, learn how to change their emotional state, and open their heart, which when done properly results in a new life, a healed body, or a new reality. For the purpose of this brief explanation, the formula is a twofold process which requires a person to create and sustain both heart and brain coherence at the same time.

Brain Coherence

To create brain coherence, we teach people to move from habituated states in which their energy and attention are focused on perceived threats in their external environment or the material world (this is called a convergent focus), to a broader focus in which their attention is on energy, the energy in the space around their body, and the unifying field of energy in which we are all connected (this is called a divergent focus). By feeling, experiencing, noticing, surrendering to, connecting to, and unifying with this infinite field of energy—the signature of which is oneness and wholeness—as our brains entrain to this energy, parts of our brains that were once subdivided and compartmentalized because of the hormones of stress begin to organize, become coherent, and synchronize.

Heart Coherence

When you live by emotions such as resentment, fear, jealousy, impatience, anxiety, judgement, overwhelm, and so on, these limited emotional states cause your heart to beat out of rhythm. When this happens, the fight-or-flight system switches on. The only problem is, youre not running, fighting, or hiding. If this continues for prolonged periods of time, the body gets knocked out of homeostasis (the optimal state of balance). Very often this dis-ease is the precursor to chronic health conditions and illnesses.

The Formula

Whether you are seeking abundance, love, healing, or a new career, an essential part of the creation process is marrying a coherent brain (selecting a clear intention or a new potential in the quantum field) with a coherent heart (an elevated emotion). Said another way, in the creative process, the thought sends the signal out and the feeling draws the event back to you. This elevated heart-centered emotion is what you will feel when your creation comes to fruition. The key is to sustain the elevated state and to become really good at producing and maintaining it. When it feels as if your future has already happened, you stop looking for it, and the side effect is that you start falling in love with your life. If you go back to looking for that new future, however, youre back to duality and separation.

The Formula Online Course

I often say, we’re in a time in history when it’s not enough to know; it’s a time to know how.  For this reason, I’ve decided to create an introductory level course with the most concise, clear, and practical way to explain the formula to date. This course is for people who want to get started with this work, but also for students who are already doing this work and would like to hear the information in a new way, fill in some gaps, and refine their skills.

The Formula Online Course is filled with the latest knowledge from over a decade of scientific research, critical information on the science of change and practical step-by-step guidance.  It consists of twelve 30–40-minute lessons, five meditations and a follow-along digital workbook–which illustrates the key concepts in each lesson and provides the personal tools to turn newly-acquired knowledge into experience.

What The Formula Online Course will essentially teach you is the what and why of creating brain and heart coherence so the how will get easier. By the same means, I want people to understand that when the brain and heart are incoherent, this incoherence makes them feel separate or disconnected from everything and everyone. Its those very states that fool us into the illusion of separation that is so deeply entrenched in this 3D reality.

Im excited to share this knowledge with you.  It is the distillation of years of my research, condensed into a simple, scientifically proven formula for personal transformation. My hope is that The Formula will become a valuable resource that will help you to create the life you truly desire.