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Authorized Healing Groups

What Is an Authorized Group?

Authorized Groups are composed of exceptionally dedicated advanced student volunteers who conduct Coherence Healing™ sessions in careful alignment with Dr Joe’s teachings. These select groups are individually operated and managed by volunteers who give generously of their time to make this possible.

Our Authorized Groups are large enough to offer scheduled healing sessions through our website (see links below). Leaders and members agree to comply with rigorous standards – and to continuously verify that all members have been taught Coherence Healing™ by Dr Joe at one of our Week Long Advanced Retreats.

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Schedule a Healing With an Authorized Group

Interested in Becoming a Healer?

Ready to get involved? Students who have attended a Week Long Advanced Retreat are eligible to join or create an Authorized Healing Group. Authorized Groups accept new members on an ongoing basis.

Scientific Research

For more than a decade, our team has conducted thousands of hours of original research – observing common people doing the uncommon, measuring the results, and analyzing the data. The evidence demonstrates there is a clear formula for creating lasting changes in the body and mind.

Stories of Transformation

Watch stories of personal breakthroughs, miraculous healings, profound transformations, and powerful creations from our community of students around the world.

The Healing Library

Find support for your healing journey in this curated collection of meditations, lessons and insights from Dr Joe, inspiring stories, and community resources.