Worthy of a Life Without Breast Cancer

“I woke up crying, ‘I love you! I love you all!’ … and then I knew. I knew I was healed.”

Roxana had found a five-centimeter lump in her right breast. Still, her doctors were hopeful when treatments shrunk the tumor by 25 percent. Roxana felt that wasn’t enough – so she delayed her next mammogram to attend a Week Long Advanced Retreat as a healee at three Coherence Healing™ sessions.

Familiar with Dr Joe’s work, Roxana arrived ready to go “all in.” Then came a moment of doubt. She saw hundreds of healees and questioned whether she deserved a place among so many in need. Shocked, she suddenly realized she didn’t feel worthy to receive healing.

Her perspective changed when she met a healer who had shared the same condition. “She was there to give life to another life,” Roxana says. “That was my first lesson in worthiness.” During the healing, her heart opened in an explosion of love. Later tests revealed what she already knew to be true – the breast cancer was gone.

Recorded at the Vienna Week Long Advanced Retreat in August 2023