What Love Looks Like

“I felt moved. I felt in awe. And I said: this is real.”

Just one year ago, Maria Luisa’s children introduced her to Dr Joe’s work. They had watched her struggle for years with a degenerative eye condition … and they’d seen how believing in her diagnosis had affected her progress. 

At her first Week Long Advanced Retreat, Maria Luisa was a healee in our Coherence Healing™ sessions. As her heart filled with all the love her children had shown her … all the love her healers gave to her … all the love in the room … it began to bloom. Suddenly, in a Walking Meditation on the beach, she could see the shape of the waves. She could see the green of the algae. And, as she spoke to the audience about her experience, she promised them: “In my next workshop, I’m going to see you all.”

Recorded at the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat in June 2022