Walking Into Her New Life – Free From Arthritis

“I knew in my heart that that I could heal myself – that I have that power.”

Frauke’s diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis took her by surprise. Symptoms manifested practically overnight, and within a month she could barely walk. Doctors insisted the condition was incurable – and no patient had ever managed without medication. Yet she firmly believed in her ability to heal herself.

Twice Frauke planned to attend a Week Long Advanced Retreat, and twice she postponed for fear she couldn’t make the short walk to hear Dr Joe speak. With the help of a cane – and a firm intention – she finally arrived at her first retreat. Minutes into her first Walking Meditation, everything changed. Bursting with new energy, Frauke walked confidently for the first time in six months – and hasn’t touched her cane since.

Recorded at the Marco Island Advanced Follow Up Retreat in September 2023