Walking and Talking in Just One Week

“On day one, I felt myself get my abilities back. On day two, I felt myself healing. I felt myself saying, ‘The last five years of my life were on pause. Now, let's press play.’”

When Richard saw the suffering in Fukushima, Japan, following a major nuclear disaster there more than a decade ago, his impulse was to go and help. Years later, diagnosed with brain cancer – likely resulting from his own radiation exposure – he underwent surgery. When Richard came out of a 10-day coma, he couldn’t talk, walk, eat, speak, or communicate.

Encouraged by his roommate to learn Dr Joe’s meditations, Richard came to his first Week Long Advanced Retreat – where he was selected as a healee in our Coherence HealingTM sessions. “When I came here, I could barely walk or talk,” he says. “Now, I’m doing everything. Look at me.”

Recorded at the Denver Week Long Advanced Retreat in July 2023