She Walked for the First Time in Months – Into Her New Future

In that Walking Meditation, when Dr Joe said, ‘Walk as the future you,’ I just thought, ‘I want a straight back, and I want to be able to walk.’ And I pushed my shoulders back – and that’s what I did.”

Two years after treatment for a recurrence of breast cancer, Linda fell seriously ill with walking pneumonia. Hospitalized for a month, she lost 30 pounds and her muscles atrophied to the point of not being able to walk. She was too weak for physical therapy and endured repeatedly having fluid drained from her lungs. Anticipating the need for continued procedures, her doctor wanted to insert tubes to make it easier.

When Linda arrived at an Advanced Follow Up Retreat, she came equipped with oxygen and a walker – but she didn’t need it for long. As energy came over her during the first Walking Meditation, she stood up and began pushing her walker in the sand. And, after her first Coherence HealingTM session, she could eat without pain for the first time since she’d become ill.

Two weeks after returning home – where she began practicing Walking Meditations every day – Linda went to see the pulmonologist who wanted to put tubes in her lungs. But X-rays showed there was no need. Linda agreed to a follow-up appointment ... and made sure to schedule it following her next retreat.

Recorded at the Marco Island Advanced Follow Up Retreat in January 2024