She Transformed Trauma – and Healed Tinnitus – With the Breath

“At one point, I just became the breath. It just became me. And it just shot up into my brain … and the tinnitus was completely gone.”

Clarette had endured such severe spinal and brain injuries, she sometimes isolated in a dark room for weeks at a time to manage the symptoms. She could no longer keep track of how many concussions she’d experienced due to blacking out and falling down. She lived with the constant ringing of tinnitus that was so loud, she’d forgotten what silence was like. After years of physical and emotional trauma, she arrived at her first retreat with Dr Joe in a state of overwhelm.

After an initial breakthrough at that retreat, Clarette remained committed to her practice – and continued to come to events. As she progressed, she gained a deeper understanding of how to apply the work to her ongoing healing. And when she heard Dr Joe explain the breath he calls “Pulling the Mind Out of the Body” in detail, something shifted in her – and she had a breakthrough. As she practiced the breath, drawing it through her energy centers to her brain, she heard a “pop” and a “click” – and, suddenly, the tinnitus was gone.

Recorded February 2024 via Zoom.