She Surrendered to Love and Released the Pain

“I started sobbing because it was so beautiful – and I just I knew I was healed. It was indescribable. It sounds crazy, but I felt my past leaving me.”

At a very young age, Nadia experienced childhood trauma that manifested as a lifetime of painful conditions. By the age of 35, while wrestling with Hashimoto’s disease, she could barely make it up the stairs in her home.

Then Nadia discovered Dr Joe’s work and began to meditate in earnest at home. Though her symptoms improved, she felt the call of a Week Long Advanced Retreat. The first day of meditations, the pain seemed unbearable – but on day two, Nadia was determined to surrender to source. “Something came inside of me and told me this is the day,” she says now. “I will not let anything get in the way of my healing.”

That day, Nadia had a mystical experience that opened her heart to light and love. She began to cry, and then she began to laugh – and then she danced, pain-free, for the first time in 30 years.

Recorded at the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat in February 2024