She Overcame Fear – and Healed Stage IV Lung Cancer

“Instead of being a fearful cancer patient, I became a loving, healthy person.”

Nine years ago, Ann was diagnosed with lung cancer that had metastasized throughout her body. Doctors told her she had one month to live. She began her journey to healing– enduring seven years of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. Though the treatments would initially work, the cancer kept coming back. That’s when a friend introduced her to Dr Joe’s work.

After watching the “Evidence Is the Loudest Voice” Livestream, Ann went all in. She started meditating every day – and watched every Story of Transformation she could. “Those testimonials really solidified my belief that I could be rid of this cancer,” she says today. “I could be actually a healthy person again.”

Selected as a healee in a Coherence Healing™ at her first retreat, Ann continued to nurture the belief that she had evolved from identifying as a cancer patient to being healed. And finally, her doctors confirmed what she felt deep within: the cancer was gone.

Recorded at the Marco Island Advanced Follow Up Retreat in September 2023