She Overcame Fear and Healed Her Spine

“I really decided, no – I will do it on my own. I don't need the surgery, and I will do it.”

A serious accident left Veronique with a shattered vertebra. Doctors insisted she would need surgery – pins inserted into her spine – or face the prospect of never walking again. Though struggling with intense pain, she rejected surgery as her only option.

When a friend introduced her to Dr Joe’s work, Veronique became inspired. The meditations gave her a practical foundation for beginning her healing journey. Despite constant warnings from doctors – which at first filled her with fear – she practiced quietly every morning and evening in her hospital bed.

Soon, Veronique no longer needed pain medication. Mystical experiences followed, where she could feel her vertebra rebuilding itself. She finally walked out of the hospital – unsteady but confident – something doctors said was practically impossible. A short time later, Veronique sought a second opinion – and new scans showed her vertebra had healed.

Recorded at the Vienna Week Long Advanced Retreat in August 2023