She Overcame Doubt – and Healed Metastatic Breast Cancer

“I told my doctor, ‘Just give me three months’ ... So, three months came, and the scan looked the same. ‘OK, it didn't get worse.’ ... Fast-forward a year and a half. It got smaller.”

Several years after undergoing massive surgeries to treat stage two breast cancer, Dayana was confronted with an even more discouraging diagnosis. The cancer had returned – and had metastasized. Her doctors told her there was nothing they could do. Dayana was just 44, with two little girls at home. She was determined not to give up.

After “You Are the Placebo” introduced her to Dr Joe’s work, Dayana attended her first Week Long Advanced Retreat – but found herself struggling with doubt and fear. Leaving the event one day, she went to her room to gather her thoughts – and asked for a sign that she was on the right path. At that moment, she pulled the curtains back – just in time to see the word “TRUST” in skywriting outside her window.

In the months following the retreat, Dayana tuned in to her body – and trusted what it was telling her. She began to see signs of healing. She gradually stopped chemotherapy and slowed down her follow-up appointments. At first, her doctors were discouraging. Then, they were baffled. Against all odds, her scans improved – until, finally, there was no sign of cancer at all. Dayana left her doctors with a copy of “You Are the Placebo” – and a lot to think about.

Recorded at the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat in February 2024