She Left Fear – and Stage 4 Cancer – in Her Old Life

“What I forgot is that I am the creator of my own life.”

Shauna had spent her life as a health-conscious person who actively worked to avoid disease. When she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that had metastasized to her liver and bones, she was shocked. Suddenly, she was faced with a possible future of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries. It was a lot to consider for someone who’d never had more than an X-ray.

Though she’d meditated and followed Dr Joe’s work for many years, Shauna had let her practice lapse. Then, after watching a powerful Story of Transformation, she realized what was possible for someone else also was possible for her. She began to meditate with renewed purpose. Over the next two months, Shauna realized she’d been living with a fear of cancer her entire life. She had put her attention – and her energy – on the very thing she’d feared most. But when she went in for what was to be her final PET scan, Shauna was confident the results would be clear. She had become a different person – one living without fear or disease.

Recorded at the Denver Week Long Advanced Retreat in July 2023