She ‘Felt the Feeling’ – and Healed Metastatic Breast Cancer

“As Dr Joe says, it’s going to be in that moment you least expect it that the healing will occur. And I truly did not expect it in that moment. I remember just crying in gratitude, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’”

Two years after undergoing treatment for stage 2 breast cancer, Alethea was staggered to learn the cancer had returned – and had spread throughout her body. But when doctors tried to tell her she wouldn’t survive, it lit a fire in her. She made a decision that would not be the outcome.

In her years-long journey with the work, Alethea has overcome herself again and again. She’s met herself in meditation every single day – often multiple times in a day. And when, at her first retreat, she heard Dr Joe talk about doing the meditations not to heal, but to change, she brought even more intention to her practice.

Alethea encountered energy as a Coherence Healing™ healee at that retreat – and then, in a meditation at the very end of the week, came up against herself in a profound way. As she felt her energy change in that meditation, something shifted – and she just knew. She knew she’d been healed.

Alethea’s journey didn’t end there. And, despite confirmation of healing from her doctors, she’s still on the path. As Dr Joe says at the end of this powerful testimonial, “Keep doing the work – because there’s even more to experience. Even greater levels of wholeness. Greater levels of oneness. That’s the journey. It never ends.”

Recorded at the Dallas Week Long Advanced Retreat in April 2024