She Embraced Meditation – and Let Go of Sciatic Pain

“No pain. I walked normal. My leg doesn't give out – it's like it never happened. And it was like a light switch.”

Kristen saw her doctor for what should have been a simple anti-inflammatory shot … and left with damage to her sciatic nerve. For the next three months, she suffered leg pain so intense she needed a cane to walk without falling over. Medications, heating pads, massages – nothing helped. Yet she was determined to attend a retreat with Dr Joe she’d already planned.

While optimistic about the retreat, Kristen decided not to focus on her injury. “I tried not to force it,” she says. On the second day, during the first meditation, Kristen felt pulsing energy around her sciatic nerve and surrendered to the feeling. “I just relaxed; tried to just let it happen,” she says. “The meditation ended, and when I got up, I had no pain.”

Recorded at the Nashville Week Long Advanced Retreat in April 2023