She Became a New Person – One Without Lung Cancer

“Behind this tree where I had meditated, I told myself I was leaving the old self there. … I left her there, and she hasn't come back.”

In 2019, Anjee received a diagnosis of “terminal” stage 4 lung cancer. She would undergo surgery to remove most of her right lung. As she recovered – struggling with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and caring for four daughters – Anjee became depressed.

One daughter introduced her to Dr Joe’s work, though it took months for Anjee to really “get on board.” Encouraged by the science and Stories of Transformation, Anjee began to meditate, listening to Dr Joe’s audiobooks at every opportunity. She had just booked a Week Long Advanced Retreat when scans showed the cancer had returned.

Devastated but determined, Anjee accepted an invitation to attend the Coherence Healing™ sessions as a healee. She first felt a powerful energy the moment healers entered the room – and in a flash of bright white light, she knew she had been healed. Anjee had become a new person with a new body, and new scans confirmed she was cancer-free.

Recorded at the Marco Island Week Long Advanced Retreat in September 2023