Remembering Herself – and a Life Free of Pain

“Don’t come here because you want to fix something … Come here because you want to remember yourself.”

At age 11, Kat suffered a serious motorcycle accident that shattered her bones and left her hospital-bound for 19 months. Afterward, she struggled with debilitating pain – pain that led to a lifetime of related ailments, worsening injuries, and emotional suffering. As the years wore on, she depended on canes, crutches, belts, and braces just to stay on her feet.

When she attended a Week Long Advanced Retreat, Kat’s expectations were modest. She wanted to learn more about herself – and maybe find a “Band-Aid” for the pain. During her Coherence Healing™ sessions, she felt overwhelmed by love – and an explosion of energy that moved from her head to her heart. Suddenly, the pain she had lived with for decades was significantly lessened … and she was soon roaming the retreat without her cane. “I'm so proud of myself for getting out of my own way,” she says. “I see dancing in my future.”

Recorded at the Cartagena Week Long Advanced Retreat in January 2023.