No Longer ‘Allergic to the World’

“… it was full collapse; full emergency; two EpiPens. Their solution for me was prednisone and a box of pills. I haven't taken any of those since that meditation – nothing.”

All her life, Amanda experienced severe immune system reactions that left her feeling “allergic to the world.” A dinner with friends or a strong perfume could trigger anaphylactic shock. Doctors dismissed it as hypochondria. Until, at age 55, she was diagnosed with indolent systemic mastocytosis – a rare condition that can develop into cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Specialists prescribed an experimental drug that made Amanda so ill she refused treatment … but they warned she would die without it. Desperate for a solution, she searched online and found an interview with Dr Joe. “I had no idea what I was doing,” she says today. “I was just going, ‘OK, I'll go with it.’”

Only three weeks into practicing the work, Amanda had a life-changing breakthrough during a Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation. She felt energy erupt from her second energy center and move into her heart – and surrendered to the experience. “My hands started to shake, and my body started to vibrate,” she says. “I just let go, and it was like somebody plugged me into a very high-powered electric socket.” Within 48 hours, Amanda’s symptoms were gone. A liberation of energy freed her from a life of suffering.

Recorded at the Australian Week Long Advanced Retreat in March 2023.