No Longer a Victim of ‘Terminal’ Brain Cancer

“I'm just going to carry on doing it. I was never going to stop – because I felt incredible.”

At 24, James was diagnosed with a terminal grade 4 brain tumor – diffuse midline glioma. Despite aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he was given just a year or two to live. Then, one of his doctors shared the story of a fellow patient who had healed through Dr Joe’s work. Though James was skeptical, his father encouraged him to keep an open mind.

James didn’t enjoy the meditations, at first. A Week Long Advanced Retreat in London changed all that. He began meditating multiple times a day, and though the tumor continued to grow, watching the Stories of Transformation gave him a sense of certainty he would be OK. At his second retreat, he attended a Coherence Healing™ as a healee – and committed to the practice no matter what the hospital scans showed.

In fact, each successive scan showed the tumor shrinking, until James got the “all clear” – the cancer had vanished. And today he’s grateful for the experience. He might never have pushed himself to change without the diagnosis. James realized he no longer had the disease because he wasn’t the same person. He was no longer a victim – he had written a new story. 

Recorded at the Marco Island Week Long Advanced Retreat in September 2023