In a ‘Selfless Act’ of Love, Her Lung Disease Was Healed

“I don't even remember that old person anymore. Yesterday, during my meditation, I had a vision of this actually; sitting on the stage and saying thank you to Dr Joe. It was so weird … I had to call my husband just to double check that I’d had a disease.”

When Diana was diagnosed with sarcoidosis – a condition that caused massive granulomas in her lungs – nearly 20 years ago, she was told there was no cure. She could only manage her symptoms by using inhalers and avoiding conditions that made it even harder to breathe.

When she came across Dr Joe’s work online, Diana felt he was speaking directly to her. Soon after, she attended a Week Long Advanced Retreat to deepen her meditation practice; nothing more – she had resigned herself to living with this disease forever. In a Coherence HealingTM session for someone else, she focused on the healee with her whole heart, sending them love and healing energy.

Diana wasn’t expecting anything for herself in that Coherence Healing. But when she arose from the meditation, she knew she’d been healed.

Recorded at the Nashville Week Long Advanced Retreat in April 2023.