Healing COVID Complications Through Gratitude and Love

“As the healers sent me love, it would bounce off and return to them. It just grew and grew and enveloped everything. And then the healing was over. I knew I was healed.”

Following a long illness with COVID-19, Angelia had been diagnosed with many debilitating conditions – most of which, she was told, were incurable. Eventually, she was confined to one room of her home with three air purifiers. She was unable to work, or walk, or eat most foods.

Suffering with double vision, Angelia couldn’t read – but she listened to Dr Joe’s books and began practicing “little tricks” to change her emotions and signal new genes in her body. She felt and expressed gratitude for every aspect of her life, down to the smallest detail. When Angelia came to her first Week Long Advanced Retreat, she had primed herself. She was ready to receive.

During her first Coherence Healing™ session, Angelia had a deeply mystical experience. She saw and felt waves of energy moving from her healers to her – and back to her healers again; resonant waves of healing, love, and gratitude that grew to envelop everyone in the room. By the time the first session had ended, Angelia knew she was healed.

Recorded at the Dallas Advanced Follow Up Retreat in October 2023