He Stepped Into the Unknown – and Found His Voice

“The energy that came across me with the healers was pure jubilation. It was a symbiotic flow, back and forth, that I felt as I felt their emotion.”

For four years, Stephen struggled to speak. A neurological disorder called spasmodic dysphonia robbed him of his voice, making simple conversations impossible. “It put me into a small corner,” Stephen says, “trying to figure out … how I was going to deal with life.”

Doctors prescribed Botox injections to the larynx – an unpleasant procedure that failed to improve the condition. Then his son attended one of Dr Joe’s retreats and convinced Stephen he needed to experience it for himself.

At his first retreat, Stephen participated in two Coherence Healing™ sessions as a healee. Sensing movement in his fifth energy center, he followed Dr Joe’s instruction to “just get out of the way.” As he surrendered, love and energy coursed through his body. “My torso was coming up off the ground,” he says. “I felt my throat opening.” Soon, Stephen was standing on stage, sharing his story – in his own voice.

Recorded at the Nashville Week Long Advanced Retreat in April 2023