He Regenerated His Jawbone – and Himself

“I'm able to bite an apple now, and I think it's a combination of an extremely good dental surgeon with meditation – and actually imagining in a deep meditation that I'm going to have healthy teeth.” For 15 years, Marek suffered painful inflammation in his jaw. The bone had finally deteriorated so completely that much-needed dental surgery was impossible. At the same time, he grappled with destructive emotions – a negative self-image and aggression that cost him close relationships. Marek then discovered Dr Joe’s teachings and became impressed by the science. If this kind of healing is possible, he thought, then it should be possible for him, too. So, for the next two years, Marek immersed himself in daily meditations. To his dentist’s surprise, Marek’s jawbone grew back on its own, and the pain disappeared. Today, Marek sees the old condition as a blessing – a call to change his old personality and create a new personal reality. Recorded at the Nashville Week Long Advanced Retreat in April 2023