He ‘Opened Up Fully’ – and His Hearing Returned

“How I grew up, in today’s society, I had never, ever heard or felt that kind of emotion from a man. And it was so powerful, and the emotions were so elevated, that I just let go – and everything connected.”

At age 10, Geo was diagnosed with significant nerve damage in his left ear. Specialists couldn’t pinpoint a cause. He simply had to adapt, wearing hearing aids and attending special classes in school. 

But Geo’s mother discovered Dr Joe’s work. When she introduced her son to the meditations, he was skeptical at first – but curious, too. As Geo practiced, he felt a sense of clarity and relaxed into it. He decided to attend his first retreat – and go all in.

Selected as a healee for a Coherence Healing™ session, Geo was profoundly moved by the collective energy in the room. The “tipping point” came when he heard another man begin to cry. He felt overwhelmed … and cried for the first time in years. 

Later, Geo went to bed, grateful for the experience. “I turned my right ear to the pillow – and I could hear out of my left ear for the first time.”

Recorded at the Nashville Week Long Advanced Retreat in April 2023