He Listened to the Void – and His Hearing Returned

“It's getting better … I still have some pain that sometimes comes when I'm not present. And if I go back in my heart, it goes away.”

As a child, Bogdan was diagnosed with hyperacusis, causing partial hearing loss. By the time he reached adulthood, 50 percent of the hearing in his left ear had gone. His doctor recommended a hearing aid, but Bogdan had discovered Dr Joe’s work – and he was determined to heal himself.

During a walking meditation at a Week Long Advanced Retreat, Bogdan became distracted by a voice whispering in his ear. But when he looked, there was no one there. In that moment he realized he was hearing Dr Joe – instructing him to “listen to the void” – and hearing it clearly in his left ear. 

Recorded at the Vienna Week Long Advanced Retreat in August 2023