He Focused on Change – and Healed His IBS

“This isn't about healing your body. It's about healing the way that you look at life and how you approach life.”

John first felt the pains in 2020 – like a knife in his gut. Shortly after, doctors diagnosed him with irritable bowel syndrome. He found he couldn’t eat everyday foods like rice, eggs, or beans. And, as the condition progressed, he learned to survive on just six foods.

He tried a range of remedies, but nothing worked. So, on a whim, John attended one of Dr Joe’s Progressive retreats. The experience spurred him to meditate two to three times daily. Though he didn’t see much progress at first, he gradually recognized the anger and fear at the root of his condition.

Then John became curious. Could he distance himself from negative emotions? How should he change? His breakthrough came when he understood he had to heal his perspective on life. Today, he’s transformed – and can enjoy any food he likes.

Recorded at the Marco Island Advanced Follow Up Retreat in September 2024