He Entered the Unknown – and Cured Crohn’s Disease

“Having faith in the unknown, rather than obsessing with things I could control, made all the difference.”

When Krys was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease several years ago, he followed every treatment protocol his doctors recommended, including major surgery. But months later, he was still suffering with symptoms – and side-effects from more than a dozen medications. He realized he was looking for a sense of wholeness.

After discovering Dr Joe’s “Rewired” series on Gaia, Krys became the scientist in his own life; committed to healing by gathering data and studying himself. More and more, he saw a lifelong pattern of looking outside himself for healing and wholeness. Something to make the pain go away. And so – he went inside. Into the unknown. Krys became no body; no one; no thing; no where; in no time. “Through that work – through the energy work; through the meditations; through all the tuning in to the self I wanted to

Recorded at the Orlando Week Long Advanced Retreat in October 2023