From Infertility to a Beautiful Baby Boy

“I now know literally anything is possible – physically; emotionally; spiritually. Anything is possible.” 

At 34, Tamara discovered reproductive issues that indicated she was infertile. Still, she underwent several procedures to freeze her eggs. When they proved unsuccessful, she began to contemplate the possibility she’d never have kids. Then, at age 40, she decided to attend one of Dr Joe’s retreats.

While meditating in preparation for the event, Tamara had a vision – a “familiar, unfamiliar feeling,” as Dr Joe says – of a boy she somehow knew was her child. “This image just kept showing up in my meditations,” she says. “I started having this confidence; this knowingness that I was going to be a mother.” Less than six weeks later, she became pregnant.

But 12 weeks in, blood work showed the child, a girl, would very likely suffer serious health conditions if she survived beyond delivery. Tamara was determined to see it through and began meditating three times a day. A second test, initially showing the same results, somehow evolved over time – ultimately showing none of the concerns from the first test. Today, she’s the mother of a happy, healthy, baby boy.

Recorded at the Dallas Week Long Advanced Retreat in April 2024