By Becoming Love, She Healed Cancer

“I could feel this this powerful energy with so much love – and I said, ‘I'm healed.’”

Eighteen years ago, Claudia was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which had spread to the lymph nodes in her neck. Surgery and radiation therapy seemed to work, and she eventually resumed a normal life. Then, years later, a series of traumatic events triggered feelings of fear, doubt, and insecurity – and the cancer suddenly returned.

Doctors recommended a new course of treatment, but Claudia – already a student of Dr Joe’s work – knew she first needed to change. “I was feeling rejected … abandoned and unloved,” she says today. “I needed to become love.” During meditations, she began to see how she’d been withholding that love from herself and others.

Claudia was then invited to be a healee in a Remote Coherence Healing™ session. As the healers opened their hearts, a wave of energy washed over her, and she felt the tumor leave her body. She surrendered completely, releasing all doubt – and knew she had been healed. Two months later, tests confirmed the cancer was gone.

Recorded at the Cuixmala Mexico Retreat in January 2024