A Doctor Finds Healing – and Release

“This system brings you back home. And it does so in a way that empowers you for the rest of your life. These are the tools to break free.”

When he was in his late teens, Samarpan suffered a traumatic brain injury with long-lasting effects. He lost his sense of smell and taste. He lost his short-term memory. And, most distressing, he lost his ability to cry. For a time, he accepted the limiting belief that he would never cry again. He would never have that connection to his heart – or that feeling of release and relief. 

A doctor himself, Samarpan’s approach to healing began to change. And when he came to his first Week Long Advanced Retreat with Dr Joe, he set the intention to open his heart. In his second Walking Meditation of the week, he had a breakthrough. “The amount of love that filled my heart was so unbelievably overwhelming … I just exploded into tears,” Samarpan says today. “And it was the most profound release. And it wasn't so much that I had built up all this stuff to release; it was that there was so much love inside of me, I couldn’t contain it.”

Recorded at the Niagara Falls Week Long Advanced Retreat in September 2022