Walking Meditation 4: Conditioning Your Body to a New Mind (1-CD)


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For Advanced Workshop Participants Only.  This meditation is designed only for students who have already been practicing the Walking Meditation 1, 2 and Walking Meditation 3 by Dr. Joe.

During this meditation, Dr. Joe guides you to connect to that infinite vast space and eternal field where all possibilities exist.  When you properly connect to this field, you start to feel more connected and whole. The frequency you’re tapping into carries information to become the mind of the healer, the mind of the mystic, the mind of the wise saint, the mind of the genius, the mind of the mystical, the mind of abundance, the mind of freedom.

Dr. Joe will then guide you to work with your body and make it less mechanical, more intuitive, more relaxed.  He will be calling forth certain emotions for you to raise your body’s energy, to fall in love with life, to feel these emotions within you and all around you, and to become familiar with them.  Remembering these feelings every time you experience them, every time you take note of them, every time you pay attention to them, you’re laying down circuits in your brain and your body believing it’s living in that future reality in the present moment. The stronger the emotion that you feel and the more you are connected to it, the more you’re knocking on the genetic door.  Now your body’s expressing proteins will literally begin to change, and you will begin to biologically wear your future and become that person, that very thing you were walking as!

01. Introduction (8:25)
02. Meditation (70:20)

Run Time: 79 Minutes
Music produced and composed by Barry Goldstein, Songs: Cosmic Consciousness, Rhythm of the Tribe, Voice of the Cosmos and The Expanse,

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Do not listen to any meditation audio recordings while driving or operating machinery or equipment.


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